Thursday, May 01, 2008


Miscellany Day

We'll get back to The Funnies tomorrow, but there's a time-sensitive announcement to be made, so let's do a miscellany day.

Free Copy of Hogan's Alley
Hogan's Alley magazine, the only newsstand magazine devoted to the history of the funnies, is participating in Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 3. If you send an email to on that date requesting a free copy they'll mail you one absolutely gratis -- they even pay the postage! You can't beat that offer, and if you enjoy Stripper's Guide you're going to love Hogan's Alley -- I promise.

Be sure to send your request on May 3! If you make your request on any other date editor Tom Heintjes will instead send you a virus that wipes out your hard drive. He's strict but he's fair.

More Classic Daily Comic Strip Runs Now Available
It's been ages since I added any daily comic strip runs to my sale list, but I got busy this weekend and added several hundred lots to my daily comic strip tearsheet list. Heaping gobs of great new lots, mostly from the 1920s and 1930s, now available. Go to the daily tearsheet list, then zip over here for ordering info.

A Mysterious Ad
This advertisement ran in a 1952 issue of Editor & Publisher. You have to wonder what syndicate placed it; my bet is a startup but who knows. Anyway, it conjured up some fantasies for me, thought I'd share. If you love comic strips like I do, but your facility is only with the keyboard rather than the artist's brush an ad like this is sure to make your heart skip a beat or two.

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