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Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics

Allan's Note: I did relate this story (without the colorful barroom angle) in my introduction to NBM's The Early Years of Mutt & Jeff.

Jim Ivey's new book, Graphic Shorthand, is available from for $19.95 plus shipping, or you can order direct from Ivey for $25 postpaid. Jim Ivey teaches the fundamentals of cartooning in his own inimitable style. The book is 128 pages, coil-bound. Send your order to:

Jim Ivey
5840 Dahlia Dr. #7
Orlando FL 32807

Also still available, Jim Ivey's career retrospective Cartoons I Liked, available on or direct from Jim Ivey for $20 postpaid. When ordered from Ivey direct, either book will include an original Ivey sketch.


Earlier I linked to a court case about this, I don't think I linked to this 1921 Appeals case of Fisher v. Star Co.
From the Michigan Law Review via Google Books:
and the same case, in more detail, from The Northeastern Reporter via Google Books:,M1
Great stuff DD! Have your peerless Googling superpowers had any luck in tracking down the Katzies case? Or even better, the Mr. Peewee case of 1903?

The Northeastern Reporter article is a pretty dry slog, but did you catch that bit at the end where a judge called comics "the nonsense produced by the brain for the diversion of the idle"? I love it!

Haven't been able to dig up anything worthwhile about The Katzies, Buster and Tige, or any others.
I'm wondering why the courts specifically ordered Hearst not to do any copy of Mutt and Jeff, but there were multiple copies of The Katz Kids that seemed safe from lawyers.
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