Saturday, August 01, 2009


The Stripper's Guide Super-Quiz: Week 1 Answers

Monday, Day 1:
1. Laredo Crockett and Jane Arden.
2. Crawford.
3. Bill Blackbeard. It was measured in semi-truckloads.
4. George Clark.
5. Little Pedro.

Tuesday, Day 2:
1.Thimble Theatre (or Popeye), the controvery was over some strips with an abortion theme.
2. Ethelbert and Giggs.
3. Frank Miller, all three of 'em.
4. Stanley Link did the strip as a topper to Tiny Tim.
5. Health Capsules and Ticker Toons.

Wednesday, Day 3:
1. Alley Oop, Hairbreadth Harry, Harold Teen and Tumbleweeds.
2. Newspaper Enterprise Association.
3. The Nebbs.
4. Says Who, a photo-comic or fumetti feature.
5. Stewart Carothers. Segar took over his Charlie Chaplin's Comic Capers strip. Frank Willard also filled in.

Thursday, Day 4:
1. The editor was Joseph Medill Patterson, the cartoonist Harold Gray and the strip Little Orphan Annie.
2. Thoughts of Man.
3. Hugo Hercules.
4. The Sporting News.
5. Rod Rian of the Sky Police.

Friday, Day 5:
1. The strip was smaller than normal -- they sold it as a space-saver.
2. Ripley's Believe It or Not.
3. Al Capp. The column was syndicated by the New York Herald-Tribune Syndicate.
4. They were 'lucky numbers', numbers that would supposedly be winners in the 'numbers games' that were popular in ethnic neighborhoods of many cities.
5. First School Days, then Nipper.


More then 70% (plus a bonus and some answer alf correct).
A good result, I'd say.
I'm going to have to object to Echo being Tumbleweeds' girlfriend, that honor should be placed on Hildegard Hamhocker's shoulders. After all those years she has earned it.
As for Echo, while she may have delusions about Tumbleweeds (as does Hildegard), she is but a child and naming her as Tumbleweeds girlfriend gets him into some mighty strange territory (and Grimy Gulch is strange enough already).
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