Sunday, December 20, 2009


Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics

Two books by Jim Ivey are available at or direct from the author:

Graphic Shorthand: Jim Ivey teaches the fundamentals of cartooning in his own inimitable style. 128 pages, coil-bound. Lulu $19.95 plus shipping, direct $25 postpaid.

Cartoons I Liked,Jim Ivey's career retrospective; he picks his own favorite cartoons from a 40-year editorial cartooning career. Lulu $11.95, direct $20 postpaid.

Send your order to:

Jim Ivey
5840 Dahlia Dr. #7
Orlando FL 32807

When ordered direct, either book will include an original Ivey sketch.


Good day Jin, This is your friend Phil from Cumberand Farms, I truly Miss you and Silent Ron ha ha. I had a great Time hangin out with you guys In the Mornings, Thanks for all the Coffees. I am doing well now and Back home, Kinda cold up here.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, And I Wish you Much Luck

Your Friend Phil
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