Saturday, February 06, 2010


Herriman Saturday

Wednesday, October 16 1907 -- Herriman attends an amateur boxing soiree at someplace called the beanery in Naud Junction.

Saturday, October 19, 1907 -- President Roosevelt is in Louisiana on a hunting expedition, trailed by a battalion of reporters and photographers. Reports from camp are less than complimentary to the president who it is claimed merely waited around camp for a group of local trackers and flushers to round up a black bear for him to shoot.

This story echoes the more famous incident of 1902 that gave rise to the Teddy bear. In that case the bear was supposedly tied to a tree for Roosevelt to blast; when he called the situation unsportsmanlike, Clifford Berryman drew an editorial cartoon of the president's 'act of mercy' (the bear was shot anyway), setting the wheels in motion for the introduction of the soon-famous children's plaything.


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