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News of Yore 1930: Syndicate Emerges from Major News Service

A.P. To Start Comic and Cartoon Service

Nine Strips and Panels Will Be Sent to Evening Papers, March 17 -- Morning Service and Sunday Section to Come Later

(Editor & Publisher, 2/8/30)

The comic strip and cartoons service, for which Associated Press Feature Service has been laying plans for several weeks, will be sent to evening newspaper members, March 17, it was announced this week by J.M. Kendrick, executive assistant to the general manager. There will be nine units in the service including a daily news cartoon, an adventure strip, a pretty girl strip and several panels.

Plans for a morning paper service will soon be developed, according to Mr. Kendrick, and a four-page Sunday comic section will be made up from the cartoons judged to be the best of the list.

The nine features of the new service will be: "Gloria," a daily pretty girl strip with continuity, by Julian Ollendorf; "Homer Hoopee," a daily family strip by Fred Locher, former creator of "Cicero Sapp" for the New York Evening World; "Colonel Gilfeather." a daily three-column panel, by Dick Dorgan, brother of the famous Tad; "Scorchy Smith," a boy aviation-adventure strip by John Terry; "Rollo Rollingstone," a daily strip by Bruce Barr; "Modest Maidens," a two-column pretty girl panel by Don Flowers; a news cartoon by Lance Nolly, formerly of the Austin (Tex.) American and the Dallas News; and two daily panels which will not carry fixed titles. These will be a three-column village life feature by Oscar Hitt, and a two-column cartoon by Aleyn Burtis.

Ollendorf and Terry have both been engaged in creating animated cartoons for the movies, the former doing "Topics of the Day" and "Sketchographs," and the latter working on sound cartoons.

[Don't hold your breath for those Sundays, AP members -- that 'later' will end up being over a decade -- Allan]


So when the Hitt and Burtis panels eventually start carrying fixed titles, how do enter that in your Guide?
Do you list all the various titles the panels used previously?

Also with features like Out Our Way, do you list all or just the main subtitles used by Williams, or none of the subtitles?

By the way - the March 16, 1930 Sarasota Herald features the AP comics story on its first page with photos of some of the creators.
Hi DD --
In the Guide, the inconsistently titled features -- like Briggs, Webster, and so on -- usually get their primary listing under "Briggs, Clare Comic Strip" or "Webster, H.T. Cartoon Panel" etc. The recurring titles -- "Ain't It A Grand And Glorious Feeling", "The Timid Soul" and the like -- are cross-indexed to the primary listing title. So whichever way you search for info on that feature with any luck you'll find the listing.

In the case of Hitt, I indexed him under "Neighborly Neighbors" since by far the longest part of that series was under that title. But I also discuss in the notes for the feature that it was originally a revolving title feature, and I list and cross-index the recurring titles.

JR Williams goes under "Out Our Way" since he had the good graces to give us an umbrella title, and all his recurring subtitles get the list and cross-index treatment.

Best, Allan
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