Sunday, August 01, 2010


Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics


Hello, Jim---Back in the late 70's, I had a similar experience. A fellow in West Virginia sent me a xerox of an "original" 1929 CONNIE daily he was asking $1000. for. It looked odd, lines broke strangely, the syndicate paste-on looked shaky, the size was small...He said the copy was life-size.It would have been the right size for a '29 BRINGING UP FATHER, but a CONNIE, (and all Ledger Syndicate dailies) are as large as a gorilla's arm! I called him on it, and he feined all manner of ignorance---he said it was found at an estate auction, or something. He simply gave it to me as a "curio" (From a thousand bucks to free in a week!) It was hand-made camera obscura work, swiped from the Hyperion CONNIE book, printing glitches intact, with a hand-drawn syndicate sticker! Later I found out this guy was trying to peddle phony TARZAN, SKIPPY, BUCK ROGERS, and more at comic cons. Could it be the same hombre you encountered?-----Cole Johnson.
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