Saturday, September 08, 2012


Herriman Saturday

Monday, March 16 1908 -- The Angels discover that even the White Sox' second string team aren't stumblebums by any measure. The #2 squad trounced the Angels 12-5, and Hen Berry's boys didn't manage to put a score on the board until the 7th inning, when pitcher Freeman (whose first name was never mentioned) tired and started letting Angel hitters connect.


Hey Allan,
Is that H.M. Walker referred to in this week's Herriman Saturday strip, the same H.M. Walker who wrote titles and dialog for Hal Roach in the 1920s and 1930s? I think Walker and Herriman were friends as well.
Thanks for these great Garge strips!
Mark Kausler
Hello, Allan-----H.M.Walker had a daily column in the L. A. Examiner, "THE WISDOM OF BLINKY BEN". Roach hired him away in 1917. He wrote hilarious inter-titles, the best in the business. I wonder if, by chance, you saved any of these columns when you went through the "L.A.X."? Many years later, Walker invited his old friend Herriman hang out at the Roach studio, watching the OUR GANG kids at work.
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