Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Obscurity of the Day: Willie Ikindoit

Willie Ikindoit is a former Stripper's Guide mystery strip; it got a short mention in Editor & Publisher that was reproduced in this Stripper's Guide post. I can't say I held out a lot of hope for the feature turning up, as the stupendously klunky name alone speaks of a comic strip done by a cartoonist of questionable ability. My guess was that the feature never actually found a buyer.

Well, as you can see above, the strip did run, and has been found. Our own contributor Alex Jay was the treasure finder, and he also furnished all the samples, and wrote an Ink-Slinger Profile, which you'll see tomorrow. Thanks Alex!

Today I'll pass along Jay's research on the strip. It was discovered in the Long Island Press, and I think it is a pretty good assumption that no other papers picked it up. C.P. Meier, the cartoonist, was a local, and the paper might have allowed him a tryout on a 'local boy makes good' basis. As you can see, Meier couldn't draw worth a lick -- the only decent work is his self-caricature in the first strip. The idea is intriguing -- the secret of a magic trick being revealed in each strip -- but Meier was just not up to the task.

The strip ran there for two months, from May 28 to July 28 1928.


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