Monday, May 12, 2014


Can't Get Enough of a Good Thing: Antics of Arabella

Do I really need to offer a reason to post a few more samples of Antics of Arabella? Nah, I thought not.

For background on the strip, see this post and this post. The reason Cole Johnson sent me these particular examples (from 1932 and 1931 respectively) was as proof that the feature was NOT in reprints after 1929, as I said way back then. Although for some odd reason the copyrights are old, the cheesecake pics are certainly current, as the shows these gals were in were running in 1931/32. No way they would have had Charlotte Stoll and Bee Sullivan doing calisthenics together by happenstance five years earlier, for instance.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scans!


Ruth Gordon was in Hey Nonny Nonny. It lasted only 32 performances in 1932.
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