Wednesday, July 13, 2016


News of Yore 1960:The Ultimate 'Vertical Market' Cartoon

'Copter Cartoon Offered Free

(Editor & Publisher, December 10 1960)

A weekly comic panel, "'Copter Cartoons," is now offered newspapers free of charge by its originator, Owen Day, staff artist, Bell Helicopter Co.

The series first appeared in the company's news magazine, Bell News. Two years ago a selection of "'Copter Cartoons" was issued in booklet form. The May 17, 1959, edition of Parade Magazine featured four of the series in its cartoon section. A month ago, the Fort Worth (Tex.) Press began using the panel in its Sunday aviation page layout.

Noting the interest that has increasingly developed, the Bell company has underwritten the cost of producing the cartoon in order to make it available to newspapers at no cost, either in reproduction proof or mat form.

A sampling offer induced 15 newspapers to use the cartoon. The offer is now made nationally. The cartoons, although dealing with a helicopter as the main "character," have no bounds as to subjects. Use of the cartoons is limited to one paper in a given area.


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