Thursday, September 08, 2016


Obscurity of the Day: Mrs. Wiggins's Husband

The great F.M. Howarth really knew how to draw a great battle-axe, but for some reason he wasn't too keen on this strip starring one, and dropped it after a mere two episodes. Granted, the gag here in this episode of Mrs. Wiggins's Husband is about as flat as the sheet of newsprint it was printed on, but with Howarth it was really all about the drawing, anyway. A good gag could only be seen as a nice bonus.

Mrs. Wiggins's Husband made its debut appearance on December 14 1903 in the New York American, and ended a week later with the second episode, on December 21.


Yeesh!! This guy makes Caspar Milquetoast look like John Wayne...
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