Friday, May 29, 2020


Wish You Were Here, from J.K. Bryans

Here's a postcard drawn by the comic page's number one silhouette cartoonist, J.K. Bryans. This card was issued by Home Life Publishing in 1905. If you read about Bryans' newspaper work of this time, you'll note that there is a gap in 1905. Perhaps this postcard drawing job explains his absence from the funnies?


"Home Life" was the name of a homemaker magazine of that time, maybe this has something to do with it.
There seems to be three heads there, shared between two people. Bryan may have been the best silhouette cartoonist in 1905; but maybe that art form had a bit of improving yet to do. Or maybe in 1905 some people had two heads. I bet that's it.
Permit me, Katherine Collins,
What you see in the silouette is not a mistake or phantom head between the couple, (though you will notice it isn't there in the shadow they cast), but a typical ladies' hair style of 1905, that is, piled high at the sides, and a bun on the top centre. If you follow her neck up, you will see the bun is in straight alignment.
I have mounds of material on J. K. Bryans if anyone's interested (,, I'm working on a biography of his second wife, Zoe Anderson Norris!
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