Sunday, June 27, 2021


Wish You Were Here, from Dwig


Here's a Dwig card from Tuck's Series #165 ("Knocks Witty and Wise"). I can't decide if the sentiment here is meant to be taken literally (as in the recipient is assumed to have a maid) or it is meant to be funny (as in, wouldn't it be great to have a maid). Today it would definitely be the latter, but in the 1900s, maids were surprisingly common in even middle class homes.


I think it means "let the wife do the work." She's not dressed like a rich person's maid.
Hello Allan-
Yes, I believe Mr. Shetterly is right, it's probably a wife as the implied gag, but there were lots of servants that didn't wear formal uniforms, the middle class or farm families often had a "Hired Girl" that would assist in the household chores in those days before wide use of electricity and labor saving devices. My own Grandmother was hired out as a child of twelve (in 1910)to help a busy rural family. No special uniforms were called for. Drudgery need not be fancy.
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