Saturday, September 04, 2021


Herriman Saturday: February 10 1910


Eagle-eyed readers will note that as of last Saturday, we were covering March 1910 on Herriman Saturday, and yet today we've receded by a month. Well, it turns out that my computer has been playing a practical joke on me, throwing some (but not all!) of my final batch of Herriman scan files into a sub-folder for no particular reason at all. I just now happened to notice its existence, and found the rest of the February 1910 scans there. So it turns out that Herriman was not on hiatus at all, it was just my computer playing hide-and-seek. 

So today we return to the auto show, on which Herriman reported and drew quite a bit. Today's contribution is a set of caricatures of the more colourful auto trade reps.


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