Sunday, September 18, 2022


Wish You Were Here, from Albert Carmichael


Here is a card from one of Carmichael's lesser seen series, titled "Why", or series 310, issued in 1910. No cards from this series that I've seen indicate the manufacturer. If I had to guess, though, I'd put my money (but not much of it) on Samson Brothers, only because Carmichael's cards for them are styled a bit similarly. 

I can't decide if this fellow is wearing a monocle, or if he has a bargain basement glass eye (75% off because it's way too big and we forgot to draw on a pupil and iris!).


It's notable (to me) that Carmichael's signature seems to be in imitation of McManus's famous one. Or am I beiing unfair?
You'll find my take on that issue here:
Me, I'd say that was a monocle, since it was virtually a trademark of the "masher" to have one.
Also seen is Carmichael's usual grasp of perspective is shown here, the gal and the dog seeingly defying gravity. Nice left arm on her, too.
He might be aping George McManus's signature, but his technique is pure Charles McManus.
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