Monday, July 16, 2007


Blog On Vacation

Hard on the heels of my trip to Washington it's now time for a real vacation. Taking my blushing bride off to parts unknown, where computers and internet connections are still just a rumor, for a healthy dose of rest and relaxation. The blog will return, reinvigorated and full of pep, around the 28th.

I hope you have a relaxing time, alan. You have given us a lot of pleasure over the last years and I hope you will be back for a whole other years.

I just recieved my advance copy of the German Dreams of A Rarebit Fiend book and let me just hijack this blog for a bit to tell everyone what a great book it is. I've just skimmed through it, but it looks great, it is very pleasantly layed out, it is huge (like the real size those saturday Rarebits were. I believe all of almost all Rarebits are reprinted in magnificent form. Anyone who has seem the Checker books (and marvelled over those, because however you repint it - McCay's work is simply genius) will be in for a big surprise. Everything is clear and readable... and printed in the size it should be. There also commenhtary by Alfredo castelli, so that should be good. The book is about 120 euro postage paid, which probably is about $150 or something. Look it up and get it. It was privately published so the supply is limited. I got mine through the link I found over at Arflovers. It's the best money you ever spend. Every university library in America should have one for a start. Also included is a cd will all the pages. And I am told the dpi is much higher than usual for that sort of thing. I am going on holiday myself, so I won't be back with more details for two weeks. But I just had to get the word out. Maybe Afredo can tell a bit more.
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