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Obscurity of the Day: Personalities on Parade

When Don Wooton was working for the Cleveland Plain Dealer he began producing a Sunday feature titled The Week on Parade in the early 30s. This feature is beyond our purview here at Stripper's Guide since it was a cartoon look at the week's news stories. I classify that as editorial cartooning and take a pass.

However, on January 29 1933, Wooton renamed the feature Personalities on Parade and changed the focus to a combination of straight humor plus lampoons of  local Cleveland personalities. That change puts Wootton's delightful work in our sights, for which we are very glad. The always restless Mr. Wootton, however, did not stick with the feature for long. The weekly half-page color cartoon ran in the Plain Dealer's Sunday magazine section only until July 8 1934.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Ink-Slinger Profiles by Alex Jay: Garnet Warren

Garnet Warren was born very late 1873 or very early 1874 in London, England. A passenger list dated May 30, 1914, at, recorded Warren’s age as forty years and five months and birthplace as London, England. A profile of Warren appeared in the February 1905 issue of The Arena and said: 
He was born in London thirty years ago, but when quite small the family moved to Australia, where all his boyhood recollections cluster. 

“I cannot remember so far back as the time when I was not drawing,” said Mr. Warren recently. “My first offences were houses with great volumes of smoke pouring from their allied chimneys. From this it was only a short step to drawing the school-masters, and then trouble began. One day when I had just finished an atrocious effigy of the teacher, he caught me red-handed, and I, ‘like a wretch o’ertaken in his tracks, with stolen chattels on his back,’ tremblingly awaited my punishment. On this occasion the master, evidently determined to make the punishment fit the crime, compelled me to make one hundred drawings of a certain face. Well, I can tell you that long before that task was finished all the artistic instinct in me seemed dead beyond hope of resurrection; but such was not the case, as a few weeks later I was again at my old pastime.

“About that time, when I was still very young, the late Phil, May arrived in Australia and was engaged to furnish regular cartoons for the Sydney Bulletin. I remember his pictures were a wonderful stimulus to me, as were also the more broadly funny drawings of the American humorist, Livingston Hopkins, who had settled in our midst. Their pictures aroused a deep interest in my mind in politics, and perhaps exerted more influence than anything else in turning my attention toward journalism. Every week I eagerly looked for the cartoons, and though only about twelve years of age I was quite a politician among my comrades and playmates and was always eager for a discussion with my elders, substituting, no doubt, the assertiveness of ignorance and immaturity for wisdom and logic, as is the way with youth.”

At length the time came when the father wished his son to select a profession. It had been his hope and desire that Garnet should follow in his footsteps and become a physician, but this the boy was disinclined to do, lacking the necessary application. Finally deciding to become a dentist, he took service as an apprentice, but after five months the master declined to have the boy with him longer because of lack of interest and application. Next he became a stenographer in a business-office, remaining in that capacity for four years.

“During this period,” said Mr. Warren, in referring to his early struggles, “my old taste for picture-making led me to join a drawing-class. I was then about twenty. My office-work required my time from nine to five each day, but from seven to ten I spent in the drawing-school; then I would hasten over to the Parliament House to make sketches of the members for one of our weekly papers, working there till two in the morning; so my life at that time was strenuous enough to suit the most exacting American taste, and perhaps too strenuous for my constitution.”

After a time a tempting opportunity was offered Mr. Warren to go to South America on a business venture. He traveled along the whole Western coast and from thence up to San Francisco, California. [A passenger list at said Warren arrived August 24, 1896 in San Francisco from Panama.] When in this bustling American metropolis of the Pacific, he applied for a position in the art department of the Examiner and was promptly assigned a place; but the well-filled department, with its numbers of young men working away like steam-engines under high pressure, frightened him so that before the morning came when he was to begin his work he had decided to return to Australia instead of remaining in the republic. Arriving home, he secured the position of cartoonist on The Queenslander, which he held for two years, when again his desire to travel and seek more promising fields overmastered him. Accordingly he set out for London, in which city he remained nine months, drawing some cartoons for the Chronicle, and several pictures for The King and other publications. London, however, seemed to promise less opportunity for advancement than America, so he set out for New York. [A passenger list said Warren arrived January 17, 1901 in New York from Liverpool.] That was about four years ago. He soon obtained a place on the New York Herald, though not as a cartoonist. He remained with the Herald for over two years, when he accepted an offer from the New York News, which position he retained until the reorganization of that paper. He then came to Boston and accepted a position offered on the Boston Herald. At the time of his coming to this city he determined to make cartoon-work his life occupation, and into his labors he has thrown much of that heart-interest which Longfellow tells us “giveth grace to every art.” His cartoons are widely copied, and though only thirty years of age he to-day ranks with our best American newspaper cartoonists.
At the time of the profile, Warren was working for the New York Globe. In 1909 and 1910 Warren’s articles appeared nationally in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Herald, Ogden Standard and San Francisco Call.

According to American Newspaper Comics (2012), Warren produced three series for the New York Evening Telegram: Mr. and Mrs. Garden Green (1907), The Holmes’ at Home (1907), and Mr. Exchange Ad (1908). For the New York Herald, Warren did Jack and Jill in Fairyland in 1910.

The 1910 U.S. Federal Census recorded newspaper writer Warren and French wife, Regine, in Manhattan, New York City, at 145 East 32nd Street. They had been married eight years.

In 1911 Warren copyrighted numerous works.

On June 10, 1914, Warren returned from a trip to Europe where he departed from Le Havre, France. His final destination was listed as Oradell, New Jersey.

Warren was one of the experts in the April 1915 issue of Associated Advertising’s article, “Four Experts Talk Advertising Copy”.

In the 1920 census, Warren and his wife were residents of Ridgewood, New Jersey. Warren had been naturalized and was an advertising writer.

In 1926 Doubleday, Page & Company published The Romance of Design by Warren in collaboration with Horace B. Cheney.

Warren has not yet been found in the 1930 census.

A passenger list at said Warren was in Europe from 1931 to 1933. He returned September 30, 1933, and his home address was 9 West 76th Street, New York, New York.

Warren passed away May 27, 1937, in Hackensack, New Jersey, as reported by The New York Times on May 29.

Garnet Warren, illustrator and writer, died yesterday afternoon of an intestinal disorder at Hackensack Hospital here. Mr. Warren, who was 64 years old, resided on East Saddle River Road, Upper Saddle River.

Born in England, Mr. Warren received his education in Sydney, Australia, and returned to his birthplace as a youth. He drew cartoons for Punch and other publications before coming to this country in 1900. He was cartoonist and writer of special articles on the old New York Evening Telegram and New York Herald. In later years he was an advertising copy writer. At his death he was devoting himself to research for a historical novel.

His widow, Mrs. Juliette Warren, survives.
It’s not clear if Warren had remarried or the Times had the wrong name for his wife, Regine who, in the 1940 census, was a widow in Ramsey, New Jersey.

—Alex Jay


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Obscurity of the Day: Mr. O. U. Absentmind

Before John R. Bray cemented his place in history as an animation pioneer, his previous success was pretty well limited to a stint on the well-received Sunday strip Little Johnny and the Teddy Bears. When that series ended in 1909 it seems that Mr. Bray used his pay to buy a small farm, and gave his occupation as farmer to a census-taker.

Farming apparently wasn't immediately profitable, and to keep the bank account healthy he penned the series Mr. O.U. Absentmind for McClure starting on October 17 1909*. This series was obviously done purely for the paycheck. The absent-minded character had already been done to death in the early comic sections, and Bray offered us nothing unique in his take. The gags are shopworn when they do work, and often don't work at all. In the above sample, for instance, the florist has been given no direction to send a funeral wreath, so why would he? With two minutes of thought Bray could have straightened out the gag so that Mr. Absentmind gives the wrong impression to the florist -- because, ya know, he's absent-minded.

The art on this feature is actually quite fine, but that's because Bray has swiped all his characters from  William F. Marriner. Granted, that was a common bit of larceny in those days, but Bray had already shown that he could get along just fine in his own style.

The dismal Mr. O.U. Absentmind lasted a long time in one of the secondary McClure sections, proving that the syndicate really didn't care much what they used to take up space. Readers were blissfully relieved of it after November 26 1911*, except when they ran an unused or  reprint strip much later, on February 28 1915**.

* Source: San Francisco Chronicle
** Source: Washington Herald


I reckon the gag here is that the florist has assumed Mr. Oh You might be interested in funeral weeds, and is showing him a sample, which is turned away from us, so the gag payoff is when we see just what sort of arrangement he was looking at. It would have been more effective if the shape of the first one matched the second, but I guess Bray might've been a bit absentminded. Or something.
Here's another thing I just noticed about forgetting things. the (appears to be) tails of his jacket dangle out of the back of his coat only in panel five.If that's not what it is, maybe we should just ignore it.
It's very interesting how many of the pioneer animators were influenced by Marriner's drawing style - Bray and Pat Sullivan being two notable examples. I would imagine that if Marriner had lived past 1914 he would have tried animation himself - his style correctly anticipated the american animation design style (like Swinnerton and post 1900 Opper).
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Herriman Saturday

November 5 1909 -- Another Baron Mooch strip that was omitted from Blackbeard's book. This one  has Herriman stealing a gag from Winsor McCay's Dream of the Rarebit Fiend. The gag swipe is unfortunate (and a rarity for Herriman), but even so not all is bad. To atone for his sin Herriman offers us a lovely graphical flourish, framing the entire strip as a word and art balloon for the sleeping Baron.


Which Blackbeard book are you referring to?
I think the book referenced is from the Hyperion Press series in 1977. Blackbeard was very shoddy historian, and the Hyperions were typically full of errors, including the self evident claim that they were all "The complete" first year, or classic year or even entire run of whatever title was being reprinted.
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Wish You Were Here, from Walter Wellman

Here's a later Walter Wellman card, I'm guessing it probably dates to the 1930s, heyday of the heavy linen look. This risque card was published by the Asheville Post Card Co. of North Carolina, and this card was coded C229.


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Thursday, January 17, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 8: The Cover Series of Shorter Stories

Well, hey, if we have a series of longer stories, that must mean we have a series of shorter ones, right? So this is that. I supposed you could also call it the Virginia Huget series, since her lovely art graced it consistently until September 1929.

I am able to track this series back to October 1927, which means it just possibly might dovetail with a missing section of that Dan Smith series (part 1 of this index). It doesn't rejoin that series in September 1928, though, so maybe not. There just aren't enough online newspapers to track this stuff with any real assurance. I seem to be joining Adventurous Anne in mid-story, so this series does go back at least a little farther.

I tracked this series in the Philadelphia Inquirer after wasting a lot of time indexing another paper that turned out to be running it really late and sometimes out of order. At the end of 1929, when this index ends, the material seems to dovetail with what I indexed in part 2 of this index. However, in the Inquirer at least, this material was copyrighted by King Features Syndicate throughout, whereas that one starts off credited to Newspaper Feature Service. Ah, what a tangled web we weave ....

10/23/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
10/30/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/6/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/13/37Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/20/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/27/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/4/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/11/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/18/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/25/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/1/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/8/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/15/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/22/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/29/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/5/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/12/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/19/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/26/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/4/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/11/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/18/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/25/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
4/1/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
4/8/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
4/15/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
4/22/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
4/29/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
5/6/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
5/13/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
5/20/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
5/27/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/3/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/10/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/17/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/24/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/1/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/8/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/15/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/22/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/29/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/5/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/12/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/19/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/26/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/2/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/9/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/16/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/23/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/30/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/7/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/14/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/21/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/28/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
11/4/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
11/11/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
11/18/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
11/25/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/2/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/9/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/16/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/23/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/30/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/6/29Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/13/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/20/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/27/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/3/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/10/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/17/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/24/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/3/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/10/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/17/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/24/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/31/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
4/7/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
4/14/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:Arthur Wynne
4/21/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
4/28/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
5/5/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
5/12/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
5/19/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:Arthur Wynne
5/26/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
6/2/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/9/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/16/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/23/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/30/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/7/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/14/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/21/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/28/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/4/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/11/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/18/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/25/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/1/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/8/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/15/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/22/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
9/29/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/6/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/13/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/20/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/27/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/3/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/10/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/17/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/24/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/1/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/8/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/15/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/22/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/29/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton


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The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 7: The Cover Series of Longer Stories (1930-33)

This is the second part of the index for the 'longer stories' series, this one covering 1930 to the apparent end of it in 1933.

This index was compiled based on the Cincinnati Enquirer starting in 1930, then in January 1931 I had to switch to the Miami News when the microfilmer of the Enquirer decided that Sunday magazines weren't worth the time to photograph. The Miami News dropped the cover in July of that year, so then I switched to the Minneapolis Tribune. The Tribune got me to the apparent end of the series, which I was able to confirm in a second paper.

The syndicate, which had been International Feature Service, changed to King Features Syndicate in January 1932. I believe this is when IFS was phased out as a separate syndication company for Hearst.

1/5/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
1/12/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
1/19/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
1/26/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
2/2/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
2/9/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
2/16/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
2/23/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/2/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/9/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/16/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/23/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/30/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/6/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/13/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/20/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/27/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/4/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/11/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/18/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/25/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/1/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/8/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/15/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/22/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/29/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/6/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/13/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/20/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/27/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
8/3/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
8/10/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
8/17/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
8/24/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
8/31/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/7/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/14/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/21/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/28/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/5/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/12/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/19/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/26/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/2/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/9/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/16/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/23/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
11/30/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/7/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/14/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/21/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/28/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/4/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/11/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/18/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/25/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/1/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/8/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/15/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/22/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
3/1/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
3/8/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
3/15/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
3/22/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
3/29/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/5/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/12/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/19/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/26/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/3/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/10/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/17/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/24/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/31/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/7/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/14/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/21/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/28/31The Spirit of '31George Kerr
7/5/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
7/12/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
7/19/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
7/26/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/2/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/9/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/16/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/23/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/30/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/6/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/13/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/20/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/27/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/4/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/11/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/18/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/25/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/1/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/8/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/15/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/22/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/29/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/6/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/13/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/20/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/27/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/4/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/11/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/17/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/24/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/31/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
2/7/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
2/14/32Behold! Emulate! The Father of Our CountryAlbert T. Reid
2/21/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
2/28/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/6/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/13/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/20/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/27/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/3/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/10/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/17/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/24/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/1/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/8/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/15/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/22/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/29/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
6/5/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
6/12/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
6/19/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
6/26/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/3/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/10/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/17/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/24/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/31/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
8/7/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
8/14/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
8/21/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
8/28/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/4/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/11/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/18/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/25/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/2/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/9/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/16/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/23/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
10/30/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/6/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/13/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/20/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/27/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
12/4/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
12/11/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
12/18/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
12/25/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/1/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/8/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/15/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/22/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/29/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
2/5/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
2/12/33Let's All ElopeRaeburn Van Beuren
2/19/33Let's All ElopeRaeburn Van Beuren
2/26/33Let's All ElopeRaeburn Van Beuren
3/5/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
3/12/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
3/19/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
3/26/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/2/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/9/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/16/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/23/33April's LadyDan Smith
4/30/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/7/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/14/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/21/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/28/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
6/4/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
6/11/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
6/18/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
6/25/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
7/2/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas
7/9/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas
7/16/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas
7/23/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas


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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 6: The Cover Series of Longer Stories (thru 1929)

Our next series of magazine covers is indexed starting in July 1926, premiering with the very long Gloria - The American Girl series by Penrhyn Stanlaws.

While no subsequent cover series would rival Gloria in length, my search for an identity of this syndicate offering leads me to call it the 'long stories' series. The syndicate was originally King Features Syndicate, but changed to International Feature Service in early 1929 for some reason. This change happened in the middle of a story, so I don't think there's any chance that I somehow conflated two separate series.

If you look back at part 5 of this index series, you'll think that today's series is merely a continuation of  the so-called 'romantic cover series', since the dates mesh perfectly. However, I do have samples in my collection of Gloria - The American Girl running earlier than this (back to 1925), so I think I have just not been successful in tracking this series back to its true origin. I have found the early Gloria series running in the San Francisco Call, which is not, as far as I know, available online yet.

One addditonal note; if my inventory doesn't lie, there seems to have been an earlier series of Nell Brinkley's Pretty Polly - I show one from January 1927 somewhere in my collection. Or I mistyped?
We'll cover this series through the end of 1929 today, and pick up the balance of the series tomorrow. I tracked this series through the end of today's post in the Minneapolis Tribune.

7/25/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/1/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/8/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/15/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/22/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/29/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/5/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/12/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/19/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/26/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/3/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/10/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/17/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/24/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/31/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/7/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/14/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/21/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/28/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/5/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/12/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/19/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/26/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
1/2/27Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
1/9/27Her Love LettersAlexander Popini
1/16/27Her Love LettersAlexander Popini
1/23/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
1/30/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/6/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/13/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/20/27Peggy's ProgressJohn Held Jr.
2/27/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget (note artist change)
3/6/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/13/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/20/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/27/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/3/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/10/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/17/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/24/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
5/1/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
5/8/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/15/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/22/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/29/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/5/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/12/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/19/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/26/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/3/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/10/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/17/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/24/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/31/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/7/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/14/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/21/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/28/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/4/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/11/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/18/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/25/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/2/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/9/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/16/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/23/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/30/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/6/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/13/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/20/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/27/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/4/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/11/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/18/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/25/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/1/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/8/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/15/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/22/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/29/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/5/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/12/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/19/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/26/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
3/4/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/11/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/18/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/25/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/1/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/8/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/15/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/22/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/29/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/6/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/13/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/20/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/27/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/3/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/10/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/17/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/24/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/1/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/8/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/15/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/22/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/29/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/5/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/12/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/19/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/26/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/2/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/9/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/16/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
9/23/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
9/30/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/7/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/14/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/21/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/28/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
11/4/28Petting PattyJefferson Machamer
11/11/28Petting PattyJefferson Machamer
11/18/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
11/25/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/2/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/9/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/16/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/23/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/30/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/6/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/13/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/20/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/27/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/3/29 Pretty Polly Nell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/10/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/17/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells (switch to International Features Service)
2/24/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
3/3/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
3/10/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/17/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/24/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/31/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/7/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/14/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/21/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/28/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/5/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/12/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/19/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/26/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/2/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/9/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/16/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/23/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/30/29Rosalie Goes RuralJohn Held Jr.
7/7/29Rosalie Goes RuralJohn Held Jr.
7/14/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
7/21/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
7/28/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/4/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/11/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/18/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/25/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/1/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/8/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/15/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/22/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/29/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/6/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/13/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/20/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/27/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
11/3/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/10/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/17/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/24/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/1/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/8/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/15/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/22/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/29/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson


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Monday, January 14, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 5: The American Weekly Offshoot 'Romantic' Series

It turns out in my magazine cover research that in 1921 you could get your American Weekly Hearst covers in two flavors: one with the masthead with which we're familiar, or one with no masthead at all and copyrighted by International Feature Service.

That practice seems to have halted in mid-August 1921, when the Dan Smith cover series was inaugurated and took over for the International Feature Service-branded  American Weekly.

However, it wasn't quite that simple. It seems that you could choose another new (?) series, also syndicated by IFS, that instead of Dan Smith covers offered what I call the 'romantic cover' option. This series featured lots of pretty girls as is typical of the Hearst covers, but these ones are focused on romance. In other words, looking to please the female audience more than the male.

I began tracking this series in the Butte Miner, where due to some slight crossover with the Dan Smith series at the beginning I believe that the Miner runs their covers a week later than intended. The series runs in the Miner through the end of 1923, after which I switched to the Minneapolis Tribune, filling in a long unavailable section of that from the Tampa Tribune. The Minneapolis Tribune stopped using this series in June 1926, and I can find no other paper that used it any later.

8/28/21Caprices of Cupid #1Henry Clive
9/4/21Caprices of Cupid #2Henry Clive
9/11/21Caprices of Cupid #3Henry Clive
9/18/21Caprices of Cupid #4Henry Clive
9/25/21Caprices of Cupid #5Henry Clive
10/2/21Caprices of Cupid #6Henry Clive
10/9/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #1Henry Hutt
10/16/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #2Henry Hutt
10/23/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #3Henry Hutt
10/30/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #4Henry Hutt
11/6/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #5Henry Hutt
11/13/21Chiffon and GoldHaskell Coffin
11/20/21The Girl Scout "Little Mother"W.T. Benda
11/27/21Mean Old Clock!Henry Clive
12/4/21PoetryHenry Clive
12/11/21AmmunitionHenry Clive
12/18/21Light and AiryHenry Clive
12/25/21Christmas MorningHenry Clive
1/1/22Scenting The RoseHenry Clive
1/8/22Beauty and NickHenry Hutt
1/15/22SnowflakesHenry Clive
1/22/22Cold And FairHaskell Coffin
1/29/22Fairy Time StoryHenry Hutt
2/5/22A Florida EnchantmentHaskell Coffin
2/12/22I WonderW.T. Benda
2/19/22Have A HeartHenry Hutt
2/26/22When Eyes MeetHenry Clive
3/5/22Over The Rio GrandeW.T. Benda
3/12/22The PenitentHenry Clive
3/19/22The EclipseHaskell Coffin
3/26/22Puppy LoveM.E. Musselman
4/2/22Coming OutHaskell Coffin
4/9/22No More Bon BonsHenry Clive
4/16/22HoneyHaskell Coffin
4/23/22Untitled portrait of womanSigned illegibly
4/30/22JackieMaud Tousey Fangel
5/7/22Yoo-HooJohn Bradshaw Crandell
5/14/22Stop! Look! Listen!Earl Christy
5/21/22He Loves Me...M.E. Musselman
5/28/22On My PaletteHenry Clive
6/4/22Bronze IdolsHenry Clive
6/11/22FlappersP.J. Monahan
6/18/22Under The Trysting TreeArchie Gunn
6/25/22Come On In!Ruth Eastman
7/2/22Hurrah For The Fourth of JulyJohn Bradshaw Crandell
7/9/22untitled lovers embracing with overflowing water bucketEdmund Frederick
7/16/22Help! Help!Edmund Frederick
7/23/22Watch Your StepEdmund Frederick
7/30/22Monday-y-y-y-!Edmund Frederick
8/6/22Eyes FrontEdmund Frederick
8/13/22Keep It DarkEdmund Frederick
8/20/22Coming EventsEdmund Frederick
8/27/22The Moths and the FlameWalter Van Arsdale
9/3/22The Last DipF. Tempest Inman
9/10/22September EveHenry Hutt
9/17/22CherriesH. Knowles Hare
9/24/22Off With The Old, On With The NewEdmund Frederick
10/1/22Youth Finds a WayEdmund Frederick
10/8/22In a FlurryEdmund Frederick
10/15/22Book LoversEdmund Frederick
10/22/22A Question of TimeEdmund Frederick
10/29/22Hello, HalloweenEdmund Frederick
11/5/22Dangerous Curves AheadEdmund Frederick
11/12/22The Modern VenusHenry Hutt
11/19/22Golden GlowEarl Christy
11/26/22You WinEdmund Frederick
12/3/22baby's Bed TimeHenry Hutt
12/10/22Will I Do?Haskell Coffin
12/17/22Snowed InEdmund Frederick
12/24/22Christmas Back HomeLouis Biedermann
12/31/22I'll Love You Year In and Year OutEdmund Frederick
1/7/23At The Costume BallWalter Van Arsdale
1/14/23When Their Ship of Giold Comes InEdmund Frederick
1/21/23LostEdmund Frederick
1/28/23Only A DreamHenry Hutt
2/4/23Even The Snowman Has a HeartEdmund Frederick
2/11/23Hearts and FlowersEdmund Frederick
2/18/23Out of the PastEdmund Frederick
2/25/23Always The Right TimeEdmund Frederick
3/4/23A Mirror RehearsalEarl Christy
3/11/23Firelight PropheciesEdmund Frederick
3/18/23Her Newest DollsWalter Van Arsdale
3/25/23TheFinishing TouchEarl Christy
4/1/23Easter LiliesHenry Hutt
4/8/23EntangledEdmund Frederick
4/15/23Lost and FoundRuth Eastman
4/22/23A Good CatchEdmund Frederick
4/29/23At The Society CircusFrank X. Leyendecker
5/6/23A Maytime FantasyWalter Van Arsdale
5/13/23A Waltz DreamEdmund Frederick
5/20/23BlossomsHester Miller
5/27/23The Story of her PearlsEdmund Frederick
6/3/23In The MoonlightHenry Clive
6/10/23The June BrideWalter Van Arsdale
6/17/23Stop, Thief!Henry Clive
6/24/23Honeymoon KitchenJ.A. May
7/1/23Hurrah For The Red, White and Blue!Edmund Frederick
7/8/23Plumes And PatchesHenry Clive
7/15/23BreakersEdmund Frederick
7/22/23Midsummer Day's DreamHenry Clive
7/29/23Idol WorshipEdmund Frederick
8/5/23Paddle Your OwnWalter Van Arsdale
8/12/23Sitting PrettyHenry Clive
8/19/23The Rain BeauEdmund Frederick
8/26/23The Peace OfferingHester Miller
9/2/23Here's Looking at YouEdmund Frederick
9/9/23Making HayEdmund Frederick
9/16/23Monday MorningEdmund Frederick
9/23/23Tom, Dick or Harry?Edmund Frederick
9/30/23ShelteredEdmund Frederick
10/7/23Back To GenoaHenry Clive
10/14/23Just TeasingHenry Clive
10/21/23Hold It!Henry Clive
10/28/23Boo!Edmund Frederick
11/4/23ReflectionsHenry Clive
11/11/23RhapsodyEdmund Frederick
11/18/23Just What The Doctor OrderedHenry Clive
11/25/23One Thanksgiving WishEdmund Frederick
12/2/23Tell Him I'm BusyHenry Clive
12/9/23Speak For It!Henry Clive
12/16/23Peek-a-BooHenry Clive
12/23/23A Christmas FancyHaskell Coffin
12/30/23The Beginning of their Greatest YearHenry Hutt
1/6/24Here I Come!Edmund Frederick
1/13/24Hoodoo!Edmund Frederick
1/20/24MateEdmund Frederick
1/27/24Beauty SpotsWalter Van Arsdale
2/3/24Book LoversEdmund Frederick
2/10/24His ValentineEdmund Frederick
2/17/24Good ScoutsEdmund Frederick
2/24/24A Tropical HoneymoonEdmund Frederick
3/2/24Counter AttractionsWalter Van Arsdale
3/9/24The Right o' WayEdmund Frederick
3/16/24Plans And DreamsEdmund Frederick
3/23/24The Flash-BackEarl Christy
3/30/24Second Day OutEdmund Frederick
4/6/24Spring SongWalter Van Arsdale
4/13/24Nesting TimeEdmund Frederick
4/20/24The Spirit of EasterEdmund Frederick
4/27/24Showers and CoolerWalter Van Arsdale
5/4/24I Wonder Who He Was?Menotti Rubino
5/11/24Brown-Eyed SusanEarl Christy
5/18/24Which One?Henry Clive
5/25/24Right Back At YouHenry Clive
6/1/24Hail June!Earl Christy
6/8/24Her Captain and his MateJ.A. May
6/15/24(untitled)Edna Crompton
6/22/24Morning GloriesHenry Clive
6/29/24Fan FareWalter Van Arsdale
7/6/24Good-By ButterflyHenry Clive
7/13/24The Feminine PlankJames H. Hammon
7/20/24Just SupposeEdmund Frederick
7/27/24Top 'o the WorldEdmund Frederick
8/3/24The StudentHenry Hutt
8/10/24Which?Edmund Frederick
8/17/24PlumageHenry Hutt
8/24/24OverflowingWalter Van Arsdale
8/31/24Heart Pledges Fro LoveAlexander Popini
9/7/24Sitting PrettyWalter Van Arsdale
9/14/24Mid-SeptemberJames H. Hammon
9/21/24Done In OilWalter Van Arsdale
9/28/24A Counter AttractionJames H. Hammon
10/5/24The WinnerAlexander Popini
10/12/24Poppy-LoveMenotti Rubino
10/19/24Fancy!Walter Van Arsdale
10/26/24In The Looking GlassJames H. Hammon
11/2/24Everybody's CandidateWalter Van Arsdale
11/9/24The EavesdropperJames H. Hammon
11/16/24Lucky Devil!James H. Hammon
11/23/24Winter DreamsWalter Van Arsdale
11/30/24Her Crowning Glory Then and NowGeorge Kerr
12/7/24The Spanish ShawlJames H. Hammon
12/14/24The Opera DebEdmund Frederick
12/21/24Christmas MonringWalter Van Arsdale
12/28/24New Year's EveAlexander Popini and Louis Biedermann
1/4/251760 versus 1925George Kerr
1/11/25B-r-r!Walter Van Arsdale
1/18/25Stepping OutJames H. Hammon
1/25/25Excuse My DustWalter Van Arsdale
2/1/25Do You Believe In Signs?James H. Hammon
2/8/25To My ValentineGeorge Kerr
2/15/25Firelight FanciesAlexander Popini
2/22/25Goodbye, Queen CarnivalGeorge Kerr
3/1/25Pretty PenitentJames H. Hammon
3/8/25The JugglerWalter Van Arsdale
3/15/25Five To Fifty Miles an HourGeorge Kerr
3/22/25Lenten RenunciationsAlexander Popini
3/29/25Sleeping BeautyEdmund Frederick
4/5/25Gone For The DayJames H. Hammon
4/12/25Easter Sunday Fifty Years From NowAlexander Popini and Louis Biedermann
4/19/25The Hide-a-WaysEdmund Frederick
4/26/25Hello, May!Walter Van Arsdale
5/3/25Peter PiperJames H. Hammon
5/10/25The Best Man At The WeddingJames Calvert Smith
5/17/25Mother's VeilEdmund Frederick
5/24/25June JazzAlexander Popini
5/31/25June GoldJames H. Hammon
6/7/25Thick and ThinWalter Van Arsdale
6/14/25Go, GoJames Calvert Smith
6/21/25The Crinoline Girl (Girls Series #1)Penrhyn Stanlaws
6/28/25Three CheersWalter Van Arsdale
7/5/25Girls #2Penrhyn Stanlaws
7/12/25Love on the AirConrado W. Massaguer
7/19/251525 (Girls Series #3)Penrhyn Stanlaws
7/26/25'Mid SummerWalter Van Arsdale
8/2/25Girls Now -- And Then (Girls Series #4)Penrhyn Stanlaws
8/9/25Taking TurnsConrado W. Massaguer
8/16/25Wish You Were Here (Girls Series #5)Penrhyn Stanlaws
8/23/25Dry FishingWalter Van Arsdale
8/30/25September Monring Glories (Girls Series #6)Penrhyn Stanlaws
9/6/25The SkipperJames Calvert Smith
9/13/25East To West and West To East (Girls Series #7)Penrhyn Stanlaws
9/20/25An Autumn FancyWalter Van Arsdale
9/27/25Girlhood (Girls Series #8)Penrhyn Stanlaws
10/4/25Autumn ColorsEdmund Frederick
10/11/25Fashions That Were (Girls Series #9)Penrhyn Stanlaws
10/18/25Ancestors -- And DescendantsC.D. Batchelor
10/25/25Witches, Past and Present (Girls Series #10)Penrhyn Stanlaws
11/1/25NovemberE. Bakos
11/8/25Four Ages (Girls Series #11)Penrhyn Stanlaws
11/15/25The End Of A Perfect FallAlexander Popini
11/22/25Beau And ArrowJames Calvert Smith
11/29/25The Love PirateRay Sherman
12/6/25Her Hair (Girls Series #12)Penrhyn Stanlaws
12/13/25ReservedMenotti Rubino
12/20/25At Earlier Christmas Times (Girls Series #13)Penrhyn Stanlaws
12/27/25F.O.B. 1926Alexander Popini
1/3/26The Impartial Mirror (Girls Series #14)Penrhyn Stanlaws
1/10/26PearlsMenotti Rubino
1/17/26In Hours of Ease (Girls Series #15)Penrhyn Stanlaws
1/24/26Yes? No?C.D. Batchelor
1/31/26Old Clothes (Girls Series #16)Penrhyn Stanlaws
2/7/26Which?Ray Sherman
2/14/26Her ValentineC.D. Batchelor
2/21/26Earlier Fashions (Girls Series #17)Penryhn Stanlaws
2/28/26The BuildersC.D. Batchelor
3/7/26Forward MarchAlexander Popini
3/14/26In The SpringRay Sherman
3/21/26Not On The ProgramC.D.Batchelor
3/28/26In Old MadridConrado Massaguer
4/4/26Easter PlumesAlexander Popini
4/11/26Please Stand ByJames Calvert Smith
4/18/26Star GazingC.D. Batchelor
4/25/26Mae FirstAlexander Popini
5/2/26Love SetConrado Massaguer
5/9/26Songs Without WordsJames Calvert Smith
5/16/26Big SisterDorothy Flack
5/23/26Stage StruckC.D. Batchelor
5/30/26Chapter XIVC.D. Batchelor
6/6/26In The RingConrado Massaguer
6/13/26Riding HabitsDorothy Flack
6/20/26Fair And CoolConrado Massaguer


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Saturday, January 12, 2019


Herriman Saturday

November 4 1909 -- Poetry makes the headlines in 1909 when two poets spar over what has been deemed an ungentlemanly slap at a British society dame.

William Watson penned the poem "The Woman with the Serpent's Tongue", later admitting that the subject of his poison penmanship was Margot Asquith (wife of the Prime Minister) along with her daughter Violet:

She is not old, she is not young,
The Woman with the Serpent's Tongue.
The haggard cheek, the hungering eye,
The poisoned words that wildly fly,

The famished face, the fevered hand,
Who slights the worthiest in the land,
Sneers at the just, condemns the brave,
And blackens goodness in its grave.

In truthful numbers be she sung,
The Woman with the Serpent's Tongue;
Concerning whom, Fame hints at things
Told but in shrugs and whisperings:

Ambitious from her natal hour,
And scheming all her life for power;
With little left of seemly pride;
With venomed fangs she cannot hide;

Who half makes love to you to-day,
To-morrow gives her guest away.

* * * * *
Burnt up within by that strange soul
She cannot slake, or yet control:
Malignant-lipped, unkind, unsweet;
Past all example indiscreet;

Hectic, and always overstrung, -
The Woman with the Serpent's Tongue.

To think that such as she can mar
Names that among the noblest are!
That hands like hers can touch the springs
That move who knows what men and things?

That on her will their fates have hung!
The Woman with the Serpent's Tongue.

Richard LaGallienne, A British poet who had emigrated to the U.S., was so angry about the poem that he decided to pen an answer, titled  The Poet with the Coward's Tongue:

Made out of words, to sneer and sing?
A thing of words to scan and scan,
Yet dares to sign himself a man!
He's growing old, he is not young --
The Poet with the Coward's Tongue.

Was it a woman long ago
Went through the fires of her young womb
To bear this man who sings this song --
The Poet with the Coward's Tongue?

In truthful numbers he be sung --
The Poet with the Coward's Tongue --
Made out of words, to sneer and sing;
A thing of words, a paper thing.
A little book of classic song --
The Poet with the Coward's Tongue.

Think not the woman he betrayed
Name all unknown -- is thus portrayed,
Poor poet starved for her strange eyes,
Despairs, tells all of us strange lies,
But there's an answer to his song --
O, Woman with the Serpent's Tongue!

O, Poet with the Coward's Tongue.
Come to New York and you shall know,
O, Singer of the Coward's Song,
His fate who sings a woman so.

Come to New York and face the men
Who sing not, yet whose life is song,
Because they love their women and would die
Rather than tell a William Watson lie
About a woman -- even in a song,
O, Poet with the Coward's Tongue.

Was he a 'guest' who dares to wrong
His hostess in so foul a song,
O, Poet with the Coward's Tongue?


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Friday, January 11, 2019


Wish You Were Here, from Albert Carmichael

Yet another entry from Carmichael's "I Love My Wife But Oh You Kid" series, more formally known as Series 565 from Taylor & Pratt.

Interesting thing here is that this postcard was sent by Belle to her friend Marcia. The hand-written "Belle" underneath the damsel would seem to be a rather blatant admission that she flirts with married men. Get the smelling salts!


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Thursday, January 10, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 4: The 1930s 'Continuing Series' Series Divergent Version of 1935 and On

A new week has begun and we'll continue on our quest to index Hearst magazine cover series.

I sure wish I had some way to title these series so that I could talk with some clarity about them. But I'm not even sure of what I'm doing, much less how to identify which is which. So, rather than trying to come up with some cockamamie name, I'm going to tell you that the series we're going to trace today is one that diverged from the series we talked about last week in 1935. Why this happened I couldn't even begin to guess.

What I can say is that this series tends to concentrate on pin-ups created by many very big name artists. I'm talking Petty, Barclay, Christy, La Gatta, Armstrong, etc.

This divergent series was found in  the El Paso Times.

Perhaps the most interesting discovery for comic strip fans is that Alex Raymod contributed three superb covers (above). I have none in tearsheet form, so the best I can offer are images from the microfilm.

9/15/35Back to Horse and Buggy DaysGeorge ShellhaseKFS
9/22/35Got Room For Two?John Newton HowittKFS
9/29/35Come Over the Meadows With Me and PlayAlan FosterKFS
10/6/35Woof! Who Said QuintupletsJ. Clinton ShepherdKFS
10/13/35The Resemblance is UncannyJanice WathenKFS
10/20/35My Favorite ModelGeorge PettyKFS
10/27/35The Bewitcher BewitchedJohn Newton HowittKFS
11/3/35Splash Me, Would You?J.W. WelchKFS
11/10/35The Unknown Soldier and the Forgotten OnesWallace MorganKFS
11/17/35Flaming Jean Harlow - And They Call Her "Kittens"J. CannertKFS
11/24/35Forward, PassTy MahonKFS
12/1/35It Must Have Been That EarthquakePaul WebbKFS
12/8/35The Back Seat DriverAlex RaymondKFS
12/15/35Dream Prince of the ScreenGeorge F. KerrKFS
12/22/35A Christmas CarolAlex RaymondKFS
12/29/35With My Compliments -- "Pop" TimeAlex RaymondKFS
1/5/36Armed For The CombatHoward Chandler ChristyKFS
1/12/36Waiting For That Dinner DateHoward Chandler ChristyKFS
1/19/36Merely A Matter Of Form (verses by Berton Braley)John J. Floherty Jr.KFS
1/26/36Lady of the DialogueHoward Chandler ChristyKFS
2/2/36Off DutyFloyd R. MunsonKFS
2/9/36St. Valentine's DaySignature illegibleKFS
2/16/36Debutante 1936Howard Chandler ChristyKFS
2/23/36Florida FairJohn LagattaKFS
3/1/36Kitty Rides The Waves (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
3/8/36Check and Double Check (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
3/15/36Studio QueenMcClelland BarclayKFS
3/22/36Positively! (verses by Berton Braley)Gwen TuckerKFS
3/29/36Blonde Betty of Beverly HillsMcClelland BarclayKFS
4/5/36Wedded To Her Job (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
4/12/36Easter LilyMajor FeltenKFS
4/19/36Untitled (mother holding child)Maud Tousey FangelKFS
4/26/36AnticipationRodney de SarroKFS
5/3/36Untitled (woman in dueling garb)George PettyKFS
5/10/36Untitled (woman and flowering tree)Corinne MalvernKFS
5/17/36Aw, Pal, Have a HeartJohn Newton HowittKFS
5/24/36Jean ChatburnMcClelland BarclayKFS
5/31/36Poppies for RemembranceWallace MorganKFS
6/7/36Play Girl (verses by Berton Braley)John Alan MaxwellKFS
6/14/36Swing High, Lovely BrideGeorge PettyKFS
6/21/36Son Dodgers 1936McClelland BarclayKFS
6/28/36Maybe He's a Mutt, But He's MineMaud Tousey FangelKFS
7/5/36My Country Tis Of TheeNell BrinkleyKFS
7/12/36Night Club Nellie (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
7/19/36Draw To A Pair (verses by Berton Braley)McClelland BarclayKFS
7/26/36Untitled (blonde and bruette women)Nell BrinkleyKFS
8/2/36Sweet and CoolMcClelland BarclayKFS
8/16/36Never-Never Land (verses by Berton Braley)Bud BriggsKFS
8/23/36Prairie FlowersNell BrinkleyKFS
8/30/36Vacation DreamsMcClelland BarclayKFS
9/6/36The New Old-Fashioned GirlDean CornwellKFS
9/13/36Title illegibleMcClelland BarclayKFS
9/20/36Gridiron GloriesGeorge PettyKFS
9/27/36The Six Ages of a GirlJohn Held Jr.KFS
10/4/36The Bachelor Girl and the BoresVincenteKFS
10/11/36Dillinger Speaks by G. Russell Girardin (story illo)Earl CordreyKFS
10/18/36Perfect BacksMcClelland BarclayKFS
10/25/36Woman - The Same Eternal QuestionCorinne Malvern (w/Charles Dana Gibson)KFS
11/1/36Away With Your Pride, LassieBarton ClayKFS
11/8/36And Just Where Did This Little Pig Come From?Earl CordreyKFS
11/15/36The DecisionEarl CordreyKFS
11/22/36Know All Men (verses by Berton Braley)McClelland BarclayKFS
11/29/36A Single?VincentiniKFS
12/6/36Portrait of a Lovely WomanChristopher RuleKFS
12/13/36Hold EverythingEarl CordreyKFS
12/20/36Christ at FiveC. Bosseron ChambersKFS
12/27/36To 1937George PettyKFS
1/3/37Right Man WantedMcClelland BarclayKFS
1/10/37Untitled skiing womanArthur CrouchKFS
1/17/37Trouble AheadD.B. HolcombKFS
1/24/37On Sands of GoldMcClelland BarclayKFS
1/31/37Touch and GoFrank ReeserKFS
2/7/37Happy LandingMcClelland BarclayKFS
2/14/37Heart to Believe (verses by Berton Braley)Arthur CrouchKFS
2/21/37It's a Nice Trip (verses by Berton Braley)Arthur CrouchKFS
2/28/37Preview of SpringMcClelland BarclayKFS
3/7/37Skyline Dream Idolssignature illegibleKFS
3/14/37Over The CocktailsJohn La GattaKFS
3/21/37Spring Is HereRolf ArmstrongKFS
3/28/37Peace - A Woman's Prayer For EasterMajor FeltenKFS
4/4/37photo coverKFS
4/11/37photo coverKFS
4/18/37photo coverKFS
4/25/37photo coverKFS
5/2/37RivalsJoseph LopkerKFS
5/9/37Gentlemen, the Empress of Hearts (verses by Berton Braley)George PettyKFS
5/16/37Do You Like It?McClelland BarclayKFS
5/23/37photo coverKFS
5/30/37Here Comes The BrideMcClelland BarclayKFS
6/6/37The Love LectureCarl MuellerKFS
6/13/37photo coverKFS
6/20/37A Candid 50-50John J. Floherty Jr.KFS
6/27/37Untitled woman caught in rain at beachArthur CrouchKFS
7/4/37In CongressJoan RogersKFS
7/11/37Untitled woman on blow-up float toy in waterArthur CrouchKFS
7/18/37Back Seat DriverSki WeldKFS
7/25/37Cup Defender, 1937Ski WeldKFS
8/1/37Honeymoon EclipseCarl MuellerKFS
8/8/37A New Design For FishesJohn J. Floherty Jr.KFS
8/15/37Lucky Dog (photographed sculpture)Alan FosterKFS
8/22/37photo coverKFS
8/29/37Putting On The DogSki WeldKFS
9/5/37Had A Wonderful TimeHoward ButlerKFS
9/12/37The Knit-WitEarl Oliver HurstKFS
9/19/37Wrong NumberScott EvansKFS
9/26/37Rating The Dream MenHoward ButlerKFS
10/3/37Untitled woman watching greyhound raceArthur CrouchKFS
10/10/37Untitled football playerHoward ButlerKFS
10/17/37The Brave And The FairEarl Oliver HurstKFS
10/24/37When You're In LoveEric GodalKFS
10/31/37She Missed Her ManHoward ButlerKFS
11/7/37First DownHoward ButlerKFS
11/14/37Hold That LineScott EvansKFS
11/21/37Pilgrim Penelope and the TurkeyArthur CrouchKFS
11/28/37Seeing DoubleScott EvansKFS
12/5/37Modern DianaScott EvansKFS
12/12/37Betty Can't DecideScott EvansKFS
12/19/37Every WomanHoward ButlerKFS
12/26/37Under The MistletoeDan OsherKFS

I gave up writing this index at the end of 1937, as I didn't see any series developing. Looking ahead, this cover series went on into the 1940s, looking pretty much like they stuck to their guns of featuring mostly pin-up covers.There are lots of great covers, just not really in my research focus. If anyone has the time and inclination to continue this index, I'll be very happy to publish it.


Brilliant job Allan. Two of those Raymond's covers appear in crystal clear colour (without mastheads etc) in Tom Roberts' biography of the man (pp99-101)
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