Saturday, February 23, 2008


Herriman Saturday

With this post we complete Herriman's 1906 output at the LA Examiner.

On December 28th Herriman continues his commentary on Jeffries' flirtation with a comeback along with other boxing bon mots.

On the 29th he contributes a cartoon to a news story about a forgery case. George W. Perkins and Charles S. Fairchild were indicted on a charge that they had cooked the books in a shady deal between J. Pierpont Morgan and the Republican Party. Not much ever came of the case and it was dropped in 1907.

Finally on December 31 Herriman does one of those "endless possibilities of the new year" cartoons that were and continue to be a staple on newspaper editorial pages as we ring in the new. Notice the line down the middle? It probably indicates that this cartoon was patched. May indicate that Herriman changed his mind about one half or the other and redrew it.


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