Thursday, January 13, 2011


Muggs McGinniss and High Pressure Pete Sundays!?!?!

If you know your strip history, you know that the features Muggs McGinniss and High Pressure Pete were dailies only -- they were never Sunday strips. Well, Cole Johnson says different and he has proof. Here, from the Puck section in the New York American of October 1 1933 are Sunday versions of both.

Before you start writing marginalia in all your reference books, though, it should be mentioned that the pair of strips you see here appear to be the only Sundays of these strips ever to see the light of day.

If you look closely, you'll see at the bottom of each that they are copyright 1931 and include a scrawled-in "No. 1".  The most likely explanation is that back in 1931 the Central Press cartoonists Wally Bishop and George Swanson were asked to come up with Sunday versions of their respective strips and these were the results. Languishing in the files for two years, for some reason they ended up, out of the blue, printed in this 1933 Puck section. It is unknown if they were printed in all Puck sections that week, or only in New York..

EDIT: Mystery Solved -- See this post.

But the Swanson page appeared at least once more the following week, I have a tear page of it, from New York American also.
Cool Grizedo! Any chance of getting a scan? I'd love to post it!

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