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One-Shot Wonders: Gags by Herriman et al, McClure 1901


An early McClure section gagfest which ran in the Thanksgiving week issue of November 24 1901. 

Going clockwise from upper left, we have a gorgeous drawing by Bert Cobb with a rather hoity-toity gag referring to the Dead March from Handel's Oratorio "Saul". Cobb is an almost completely forgotten master. Next we have a funny Thanksgiving gag by William F. Marriner; then a well-worn boarding house gag by Mark Fenderson, and finally George Herriman, with an over-long gag line that isn't really worth the trip. But I do like the cartoon very much. Love how the tramp has wedged himself into the gate. I do wonder what the thingamajig is on the step, though (no, I don't mean the old maid).


It looks like a boot scraper - I'm sure the old lady didn't want dirty boots in her house. Cliff
ah, yes! Thanks.
A tree in a pot, already in 1901! Any earlier sightings?
The Dead March from Saul isn't really such a hoity-toity reference. It was the standard funeral march at the time. And my, that Marriner duck looks very Gooseberryish, doesn't he?
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