Friday, December 02, 2005


George Herriman's Stumble Inn

Oh, what a great strip. Herriman's Stumble Inn ran 10/30/1922-1/9/1926. For those of you who love Herriman's artwork but consider Krazy Kat a little high-falutin' for your tastes, this one you'll really love.

Not much to say on this post, just thought it was about time to throw some of the master's work out there... Enjoy!

Man, can you believe the amount of writing in those word balloons?

my first comment, from old Europe.

First of all, thanks so much for such great amount of very good information on comics strips. I enjoy your blog a lot.

About Herriman, I would like to know whether somebody has listed his works (title, runs, popolarity, and so on).

Thanks, and congratulations.
Patrick McDonnell's book would be a good start.


sorry for the late reply.
Yes, McDonnell's book is good, and I have a copy I got years ago (I had forgot).
I let you know what I learn.
Also, I am in the process to buy some old newspaper comics pages which include a Krazy Kat strip (from 1913-1916). If you have any advise on how to start a little collection, please let us know.
My best wishes
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