Sunday, March 26, 2006


Roy Powers, Eagle Scout: Week Nine

Today we start a new story letter (L), though the story continues pretty much as before. If there was supposed to be a major story arc with those guys who stranded Roy, as you've seen it never really developed into more than a basic robbery. Obviously our writer planned a more complex (okey, less simplistic) story there with the long build-up, but for some reason they scrapped it. I see a lot of that sort of thing with Roy Powers, slapdash storylines with lots of hanging threads and anti-climaxes. Thank goodness for that lovely art.

Blogger crapped out after uploading four images today. The other two had to be loaded offsite. This is getting real old real fast...

Yes, but the characters are so forth-right, upright, and earnet... in a H. Alger sort of way.

Still lovingit.
I'm seriously considering tallying up the number of times the boys say "golly", "gosh" and similar in this 11-week sequence. Scintillating repartee...
Great art.
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