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Mystery Strips of E&P - "D" Listings

After a long layoff I'm finally back to listing mystery strips. Today's post is brought to you by the letter D. If you don't recall what I'm doing here, read this post. Any and all information is greatly appreciated and rewarded as well.

Dad Allen - Leonard Merrill - Thompson Service - daily panel - 1932-33
Dad Burns - Al Ware - self-syndicated - twice weekly panel - 1966
Daffy Demonstrations - Ray Rohn - Ledger Syndicate - daily panel - 1926
Dairy Boy - Ferd Himme - Lowery Cartoon Corp - weekly panel - 1932
Daisy Daily and Dotty Dawn - Larry Whittington - General Features - weekly strip - 1937-42 [found! by Art Lortie in Hastings News]
Dan Dennis - Sam Gilman - Watkins Syndicate - weekly strip - 1939
Dan Hastings - Jack Binder, Fred Guardineer, Ken Fitch - Harry Chesler Syndicate - daily and Sunday strip - 1937-38
Dan Savage - Bob Goodbread - Dickson-Bennett - daily strip - 1981-82
Dash Sanders - Frank Cunningham, Hal Sharpe - Thompson Service - daily strip - 1938
Dash Of Humor - Art Bouthiller - Creative Comic Syndicate - weekly panel - 1991-92
Davey Dollar - Steve Byrne - R-GAB Features - daily/weekly panel - 1980
David Copperfield - David Volkmelker - Jolyon Features - daily - 1939
The DeBrees - Barsotti, Kipp - LA Times Syndicate - unknown - 1975 (found! by Cole Johnson in the Philadelphia Inquirer - thanks Cole!)
Deadwood Gulch - Gordon (Boody) Rogers - Eastern Color - weekly strip - 1930-34
Dean Denton - Harry Francis Campbell - Walkins Syndicate - weekly strip - 1939
Dear Gods - Leonard Bruce, Ross Osterman - Leoleen-Durck Creations - daily strip - 1991-92
Deb's Diary - Earl Reeder - National Newspaper Service - daily panel - 1928 (found! by Ray Bottorff Jr in Harrisburg Telegraph)
Deep River Dan - Joe Buresch - Newspaper Art Features - daily strip - 1939
Demetrakis - Manos Pavlidis - Mid-Continent Features - daily - 1975
Dennis Dull - Phil Young - Chronicle Features - daily panel - 1993
Derby Dan - Bozz - Press Alliance - daily strip - 1940
Desprit Danny & Tess Turrible - A.C. Sells Jr. - Thompson Service - daily strip - 1935
Detective Dolt - Walt Clay, Don Easton - United Feature Syndicate - unknown - 1933
Detectives Nehi & Skyhi - Joe Buresch - Thompson Service - daily strip - 1934-36
Diamond Challenge - Jim Evans, Jim Johnson - United Fetaures - daily and Sunday strip - 1991-97 (found! by Ray Bottorff Jr in Oakland Tribune)
Diary Of Dr. Hayward - Curt Davis - Eisner-Iger Associates/Pan American Press - weekly strip - 1939-50
Diary Of A Good Girl - Melisse - King Features - daily panel - 1937 (found! in Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph)
Did You Know? - John Jarvis - Community & Suburban Press Service - weekly panel - 1978
Didja' Hear? - Herman - Western Newspaper Union - weekly panel - 1948 (found! in Titonka Times)
Different Blokes - Kevin Miller, David Watkins - Suzerain Group - daily strip - 1993-94
Dilly - Dell Healy - Trans World News Service - daily strip - 1979
Dim Wits - David Rogers - American International Syndicate - daily panel - 1979
Ding Bats - Nonnee Coan - Chicago Daily News - daily panel - 1973
Dinky Doyle - Frank Thomas - Consolidated News Features - daily strip - 1946 (Thomas says it never reached syndication in Alter Ego #151)
The Dinosaur Circus - Elena Steier - DBR Media - weekly - 2001-03 (found! by Charles Brubaker in the Drumright (OK) Gusher - thanks Charles!)
A Dip In The Future - A.A. Goodrum - Thompson Service - daily panel - 1932
Diplomatic Pooch - Jim Asher, Phil Evans - Evans & Cooke - daily strip - 1970-71
Dizzy Heights - G. Melikov - Nu-Way Features - daily panel - 1936
Do You Believe - Steve Feeley, Ed Kuekes - Lafave Syndicate - daily panel - 1955-62 (found by Alex Jay in Aberdeen American-News-- cartoon turns out to be a minor element, more of an illustration, not eligible for SG listing)
Do You Know That - George Gunderson - Star Syndicate - daily panel - 1930-31 (turned out to be a Canadian feature)
The Dobbs Family - Chris Decker - Lloyd James Williams - daily and Sunday strip - 1938-41
Doc - Hy Gage - Ledger Syndicate - daily panel - 1925 (Found! in Detroit Free Press)
Doc Doodle - Ross E. Bunch - Wilson Features - daily and Sunday strip - 1979
Doc Perkins' Tickletones - T.C. Buxton - Thompson Service - daily panel - 1937-38
Doc Savage - uncredited - Ledger Syndicate - daily and Sunday strip - 1966-73
Doctor Proctor - Eddie Germano - Trans World News Service - daily strip - 1976-79
Dodie - Peter Garvey - Trans World News Service - daily panel - 1976
Doggone - John Broudhecker - Allied Features - daily panel - 1958-60
The Doghouse - Dave Allen - Worldwide Media - daily and Sunday strip - 2000-03
Dogs Of War - Buzz Williams - Miller Features - daily strip - 1938-39
Dolf's Fortune - Kenyon Brooks - McClure Syndicate - daily strip - 1928
Domestique - uncredited - Spadea Syndicate - weekly strip - 1975
Don't Do That - Sylvia Robbins - Associated Press - weekly panel - 1950-56
Don't Laugh - Tony Weier, John Whelan - At Large Features - daily strip - 2001-02
Doors - Woodie Hall - Mike LeFan Features - thrice weekly - 1976
Doozies - Edmund Gross, Joe Roy Santoro - Features Unlimited - Sunday panel - 1974
Dork Tower - John Kovalic - Sheffield Productions - weekly strip - 1998-present (I am told that this strip was never really aimed at a mainstream newspaper audience and likely has never appeared in one)
Dorothea - Glenn - Miller Services - daily strip - 1937
Dot And Dash - Tony Basso - Associated Midwest Newspapers - daily strip - 1937-38
Dottie Date - Ray Doherty - self-syndicated - daily panel, Sunday strip - 1948
Double Bill - Bill Buttle - Miller Features - weekly - 1999 (according to the creator this was a puzzle feature)
Double Duty - Al Liederman - American International Syndicate - daily strip - 1987-92
Doctor Aha - Bob Adam - Winford Company - daily panel - 1975
Doctor Crystal's Cosmic Kid's Stuff - Jean & Jim Anton - self-syndicated - weekly strip - 1985-86
Doctor Justice - E. Letkeman - Star Newspaper Service - daily strip - 1945
Doctor Remedy - Adolph Schus - George Matthew Adams Service - daily panel - 1939
Doctor Sam And The Space Monsters - Jim Westermann - Editorial Board Syndicate - daily and Sunday strip - 1967-69
Doctor Tombs - Tom Lowell - Independent Features - daily - 1965
Doctor X - M.R. Mont - Editors Press Service - daily strip - 1946-47
Drawn Out - Bill and Eric Teitelbaum - LA Times Syndicate - daily and Sunday strip - 1980
The Drimbles - Agoo - Ledger Syndicate - daily and Sunday strip - 1971-72
Driver Ed And Edna - Ross Bunch and the Dintimans - Trans World News Service - daily panel - 1976-78
Drug Chuckles - Everett Lowry - self-syndicated - weekly panel - 1932 (Found! by Charlie Thompson in Winnona Republican Herald)
Drugs & Guns - Edward Bryant - self-syndicated - weekly - 1991-92
Duckie - J. Carver Pusey - United Features - daily strip - 1928
Ducking Out - Tom Mikionis - Universal Press Syndicate - daily and Sunday strip - 1994 (found! by Jeffrey Lindenblatt in Berkshire Eagle)
Duckville Doings - Bill Bly - Wheeler-Nicholson - daily strip - 1926
Duffer - Art A. McCourt - Feature Syndicate - weekly - 1979-80
The Duke Of Manhattan - Edwin Homer, Delos Lovelace - McClure Syndicate - daily strip - 1946 (found by cartoonist's son Nick Homer -- see Obscurity of the Day post)
Dumb Blonde - George Davies - Transatlantic News Features - daily panel - 1948
The Dwigginses - Russ Bender, Guy Nonnan - Century Features - unknown - 1937


I could swear I've seen "The DeBrees"
strip, but I'll be hanged if I can find
a sample now; maybe it was just a promo.
Oh, and while you have Kipp as Charles'
partner, I have it as Schuessler.
Kipp Schuessler?

Doc Savage comic strip in the sixties
and seventies? I'm sure one of the
many Savage Sites would be all over
that. The only Doc Savage comic strip
I've heard of is the Dent and Orban
tryout circa 1936 as run in an issue
of Comics Buyers Guide.

That and The Drimbles from The Ledger
Syndicate? THE Ledger Syndicate? In
the 1970s?
Well, there were two Ledger Syndicates. The one run by the Philadelphia Public Ledger in the 1920s-40s, then the one that syndicated Batman in the 1960s-70s. As far as I'm aware there is no connection. I'd love to know more about the second Ledger Syndicate. They syndicated (or at least tried to syndicate) a lot of interesting licensed properties in the late 60s, like Doc Savage.

-- Allan
Dan Hastings was a sci-fi strip that appeared in the first dozen or so issues of Star Comics, a 1937 Chesler comic. I know that Chesler marketed the strip to newspapers as well; you can see a solicitation for the Dan Hastings strip here (near the bottom of the page). You can also read a few panels of Dan Hastings as published in Star Comics #7 here.

Not sure if Hastings was ever published substantially in the newspapers; as you can see the art (by Fred Guardineer) was terrific and the villain was quite evil indeed.
"The DeBrees" strip was indeed done jointly by Kipp Schuessler as the artist and Charles Barsotti as the writer. It was very short lived if I remember correctly that there was some kind of newspaper strike at the time and the strip sort of went with it. I probably still have some of the original artwork in storage. Kipp's two sons and I are working toward putting a lot of his work up on a website that will be, but it is just in the "under construction" stage right now.
Hi A -
Be sure to let us know when your website is up and running!

The two Ledger syndicates were headed by a man named Kearney. He started his own namesake syndicate that only lasted a few years in the 1940's.
The "new" Ledger syndicate never officially launched it's propsed other strips.
Hi Anon -
So are you saying that Kearney was running the Philadelphia Ledger's syndicate as well, or that there was yet another Ledger Syndicate in the 40s? I know the 'original' Ledger Syndicate outlived the paper -- is this what you're referring to?

You are correct with your information on "Dot and Dash" by Tony Basso. I am his granddaughter, and was fortunate enough to enjoy his wonderful cartoons. We are in the process of locating hard copies for you. I'll keep you updated. Thank you for your hard work!
Thanks anon! Looking forward to moving your granddad out of the mystery listings, and sharing some samples with everyone.

i have a copy of "Do you know that?" from Calgary Daily Herald 3 13 31
Hi Anon -
Ah, so I guess the credited Star Syndicate is the Toronto Star. If it was only distributed in Canada then it's disqualified for Stripper's Guide listing and so gets dropped from the mystery list. Thanks!!
Hello, do you have any information on the dark shadows comic strip from 1971. I'm trying to find out how long it ran and if there was a daily strip as well. I just posted the first Sunday story arc and I am seeking a time line and any information you might know about it. -Ilovecomix
Hi ilove -
You'll find the complete run of the strip (daily and Sunday) in the Pomegranate Press reprint book.

Hello again, I have tried faxing and looked all over the web for a phone number for Pomegranate Press. Do you know or have any idea how to get in contact with them. All their web site offers is a way to order by fax. I tried faxing for the phone number but the fax does no go through. Any more info would be awesome -Ilovecomix
While it is not quite an example of his comic strip, you'll find a John Broudhecker comic drawing- of sorts- for sale at a very reasonable price, right here:

Hope this helps in some small way!

Linda T.
Concerning Derby Dan by Bozz: this is probably one of the many comics by Robert Velter, French artist who created Spirou and who was for a few years the assistant of Martin Branner on Winnie Winkle. He used the pseudonym Bozz throughout most of his career, and 1940 is in his most productive period.
In the recent issue of Alter Ego (#151 - March, 2018)
Michael T. Gilbert and Nancy Bardeen (Frank Tomas' daughter)
document the life of comic writer/artist Frank Thomas.
Among the reveals is that Dinky Doyle never did get syndicated.
Also add that around 1950 Frank Thomas one one of the
ghost writers for Harry Shorten';s There Oughta Be a Law.
Thanks DD, listing updated. --Allan
I found "Don't do that !" by Sylvia Robbins in the following papers :
THE SALEM NEWS, Salem, Ohio,
1950 01 16
1950 01 19
1950 04 03
1950 07 12
1950 09 18
1951 05 31
1951 06 12
1951 10 30
1952 08 26
1953 10 20
1954 06 04, 21
1954 10 19
1950 02 03
1954 06 30
1954 10 19
1955 07 05
1956 04 23
1956 07 06
1954 12 06
1955 12 31
1956 07 19
1955 03 31
1955 10 31
I can spare some pictures.
Found examples of:
Deb's Diary - Earl Reeder - National Newspaper Service - daily panel - 1928 only has it in one newspaper, Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), here is the earliest example a quick search found, Wednesday, January 18, 1928 (nothing showing up in searches after February of that year):

Copyright is listed as John F. Dille Co. I cannot make out the signature, but it's not Earl Reeder. Cartoon illustration above an advice column.

The "last one" on February 29, 1928:

my best
-Ray Bottorff Jr
As I scroll through the Harrisburg Telegram, looks like Deb's Diary continued into March at least...
I found some information on this strip:
Diamond Challenge - Jim Evans, Jim Johnson - United Features - daily and Sunday strip - 1991-97

From The Kilgore News Herald (Kilgore, Texas), "KC Homecoming Honorees Reported" "Jim Evans named Ex-Student of the Year", Sunday, September 25, 1994, pp. 8A:
"Creator of "Jim Evans' Diamond Challenge" a compilation of over 400 cartoon strips which illustrate the rules of baseball. The cartoon is syndicated by United Features and distributed in the United States and 10 foreign countries."

And a 1992 example found in the Oakland Tribune:
Looks like it was a regular feature there. Also one of the reasons it is hard to search by title is that the logo is within the strip and not on top of the strip, so OCR at wasn't picking it up.

my best
-Ray Bottorff Jr
Hi Ray --
The art on Deb's Diary is by Raymond Flanagan, I take it the writer is Mr. Reeder/Reader. I was actually impressed at the fake advice column, which was pretty darn funny. From what I can tell, it was later marketed without the cartoon aspect.

I now have Diamond Challenge also running in 1991-92 in the Austin American Statesman during the baseball season. From the sounds of it, Evans might have produced those "400+ strips" in 1990 and UFS just offered them year after year. But I can find none running past 1992 so far.

Thanks for the info!

--Allan Holtz
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