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Mystery Strips of E&P - "I" Listings

More mystery strips - today is 'I' for 'I dunno'! As always, provide proof that any of these ran in U.S. newspapers and win a great package of comic strip goodies. (SORRY - as of 2018 goodie boxes are sadly no longer available - I now live in Canada and our postal rates are so outrageous that I cannot afford to send out goodie boxes - SORRY!)

I Like You Because - Naida - Dickson Feature Service - daily strip - 1979
I'm Telling You - Proctor Brown, Irwin Kostin - Associated Midwest Newspaper Syndicate - daily panel - 1937
I.D. Clare - W.F. Peters - Publishers Feature Service - weekly panel - 1946-49
Idiosyntrics - R.S. Broughton, Proctor Brown - Associated Midwest Newspaper Syndicate - daily panel - 1937
If I Had My Way - Kern Pederson - Trans World News Service - weekly panel - 1976-78
Igor - Harry Privette - Boston Features - daily strip - 1985-87
Illustrated Crimes - Stookie Allen - Service For Authors - daily/weekly strip - 1933-39
Impressions - Emil Abrahamian - self-syndicated - daily/weekly panel - 1983-94
In Their Own Words - Paul Howle, Don O'Briant - Asterisk Features/United Features - Sunday panel - 1987-present [Charles Brubaker found, it is not a cartoon feature but a game with minor cartoon element]
In The Land Of Midnite Fun - Sarge O'Neill - Southern Cartoon Syndicate - daily panel - 1971
Inane Incidents - S.R. Vic - Better Features - daily panel - 1932
Indian Summer - John Zima - Atlas Features - weekly strip - 1951-59 (found! in Redwood Journal-Press-Dispatch)
Inklings - John Jarvis - Western Newspaper Union - weekly panel - 1949-50 (found! in Lime Springs Herald)
Inky - Hal Borden - Al Smith Service - weekly panel - 1961-65 [not a mystery after all; panels were actually titled Little Inky and were documented]
Inner Circle - Lochlan Field - Watkins Syndicate - weekly strip - 1939
Insight-Out - E.J. Myer - Winford Company - daily - 1971
Intimate Biographies - William Jacobson - Fox Features - weekly strip - 1929-30 (found! in Cincinnati Enquirer)
It Does Happen - Treve Collins - Thompson Service - daily panel - 1931-34
It Has Been Noted That... - Leshod - American International Syndicate - daily panel - 1996-97
It Just So Happened - Kern Pederson - Al Smith Service - weekly panel - 1978 (found! in Sequoyah County Times, and others. Thanks Brubaker!)
It's A Cockeyed World - Joe Kaliff - Republic Features - weekly panel - 1948-80
It's A Fact - Jerry Cahill - Atlas Features - weekly panel - 1948-59 (found! in Redwood Journal-Press-Dispatch)
It's A Laugh - Rube Weiss - Blackstone Press Features - weekly panel - 1971-76
It's A Living - Burdette Inch - John M. Meissner - daily panel - 1938
It's A Tough Life - Ed Hampton - American International Syndicate - daily strip - 1992-95
It's For You - Nick Frising - Allied Feature Syndicate - daily panel - 1982
It's Just As True Today - Franklin Van Zelm - Globe Syndicate - daily panel - 1948-50 (found by Bill Mullins in Chester Times and Sheboygan Press - thanks Bill!)
It's Love - Chuck & Gwen Bowen - Universal Press Syndicate - daily panel - 1972-73 (found in Sacramento Union)
It's Really Great - Charles Bowen, Barbara Jones - Allied Features - daily panel - 1985
It's Really A Racket - Cliff Durr, Charles Tepper - Allied Features Syndicate - daily strip - 1938
It's Your World - Ted Goff, Dan Harris - self-syndicated - daily and Sunday strip - 1985-86

i started "in their own words" sometime in the '80s. Gave it to don o'briant. don't know if he still does it. it ran in as many as 20 newspapers at one time.
paul howle's email address is
I found "In Their Own Words" running in Tacoma, WA News-Tribune. It's a text-heavy activity panel.

Some samples:
"Inky" is actually titled "Little Inky", and I found it running in several papers, including The Tecumseh Chieftain in Nebraska, The Miner in Carbondale, PA, The Belleville Times in New Jersey, and Playground Daily News (yes, an actual newspaper) in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

The cartoon is meant to promote the classified section, with the captions customizable so that it mentions the name of the paper it runs in.

I found it running into 1975.

Follow up to above. Even though these cartoons have a byline to Hal Borden, the signature is for Irv Hagglund. Was Hal Borden a known pseudonym for Hagglund?
Thanks Charles, Little Inky is not a mystrey strip (#3676), so we're good to that extent. But are you really finding it in 1975? Granted these weekly classified ad things could be used whenever, but a decade late is pretty impressive! --Allan
I give you an "I" :
IT HAPPENED IN MONTANA by Jim Masterson, ident line COPYRIGHT 1940 BY J.W. MASTERSON. a numbered set of Scott's Scrapbook-type factoids about the big sky state. Made to appear in Montana small town weeklies.

Earliest (#1), The River Press (Fort Benton) 5 June 1940.
Latest (#85) Townsend Star (Townsend) 12 March 1942.
Thanks Mark, I've had the reprint book for years but never found the source material to It Happened In Montana. -- Allan
I found "It Just So Happened" by Kern Pederson running in Sequoyah County Times 1979-1981
Thanks Charles, it looks like we have a start date around January 1979, an end date around June 1982 based on the Sequoyah County Times and West Carroll Gazette.
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