Thursday, September 28, 2006


Buck O'Rue, Part 1

Time to take a breather from the E&P material. I made a promise awhile back to some Paul Murry fans that I'd run a sequence of Buck O'Rue dailies. Frankly I think the writing on the strip is awful, so I could do without, but Murry's art, if you are a fan, is certainly up to his usual standard.

This short sequence of 13 strips concerns "Oaf Monday", a fine example of bad comic strip writing. Don't confuse your readers by stating that your hero is struggling through a Monday when they're reading the strips throughout the week. It jars the reader out of the story, and it's not necessary - why not call it Oaf Day? Problem solved.

Worse yet, the preceding two weeks to this sequence have Buck off-stage the entire time (hiding from a lonely-hearts club). Not a good idea to hide your main character that long on a strip that's just six months old.

Rest of the sequence to be posted tomorrow. Oh, and sorry about the image quality. The paper these are from did a pretty bad job of hacking the strip edges. They also failed to clean their presses regularly and some strips were impossible to clean up through the haze of ink smudges.


From what year is the strip?

How long did it run?
Hi Ger -
Details, details... It ran 1/15/51 through sometime in 1953. Syndicated by Lafave. Paul Murry fans would love an exact end date.

Best, Allan
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