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E&P Mystery Strips: Letter K

Here's the list of undocumented strips for the letter K. Help!

Keeping Up With The Kids - J.R. Harington - International Features - daily strip - 1950
The Kid From Brooklyn - Woody Gelman - McCay Features - daily and Sunday strip - 1945-46
Kidbits - J.H. Kerber - Select Features - daily strip - 1962-63
Kidoodles - Leo White - self-syndicated - daily strip - 1984-90 (found! by Charles Brubaker in Lynn Item)
The Kids Next Door - Sarge O'Neill - Southern Cartoon Syndicate - daily strip - 1971
The Kids - Joe Buresch - self-syndicated - weekly panel - 1973-86
Kilroy, The Cartoon - Jack Anderson et al - Associated Features - daily panel - 1993-2001
Kingston - Evan Tweed - International Syndicate Group - daily - 1987
Kith And Kin - Becky - Chicago Tribune-NY News - Sunday panel - 1946-50 (found! in Chicago Tribune)
Kitten Kaye - Leo Beroth - self-syndicated - daily strip - 1957-61 (existence verified in Hayward Daily Review by Todd Hillmer - thanks Todd!!)
Knowing Gnome - Beatrice D. Miller - Independent Features - daily - 1965-66
Komical Cartoons - Stanley Matz - self-syndicated - weekly strip - 1941
Kool Roo - Peter Dare - Al Smith Service - weekly strip - 1987-89 (found! in Langley Advance)
Koopersmith's Kreative Kingdom & Kalendar:Return To Utopia - Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith - self-syndicated - thrice weekly - 1999-2000
Krass & Bernie - G. Trosley - Oceanic Press Service - weekly strip - 1976-95 (Charles Brubaker says this was a feature in CARToons magazine) 

Krazy Cat - James Rodriguez - United Cartoonist Syndicate - daily - 1988-95

"Krass and Bernie" was a magazine cartoon, appearing in CARtoons from Feb. 1975 to Aug. 1991. It was revived in 2005 for Car Craft magazine.

As far as I know, the strip was never syndicated.
Thanks, Charles! Was the subject matter something that could have had a place in a newspaper? Maybe in the weekly automotive section? I haven't seen a copy of CARtoons in years and years, don't recall if they were 'family friendly' or not.

In any case, that's an interesting nugget of knowledge. These oddball syndicates like Oceanic seemed to advertise things for years and years, yet I've never found ANY of their advertised strips in newspapers. Same goes for Dickson-Bennett Features, Southern Cartoon Syndicate, United Cartoonists, etc.

Based on what I've seen of "Krass and Bernie", it was pretty tame, although I doubt the comic would appeal children. The comic was about a pair of car fans, and the comic's target audience were car fans, too.
Krass & Bernie are alive and well and have appeared in every issue of Car Craft magazine since May 2005.
Kith and Kin did exist in the Sunday Chicago Tribune newspaper, I think.
I've seen quite a few Kith and Kin originals (really nice silhouette art) on eBay but have never been able to find the darn things in the Chicago Tribune archive. Maybe they ran in the NY Daily News?

Hey! Found Kith and Kin in the online Chicago Tribune!

Kitten Kaye ends in August 1959, not in 1961.
Yes, Stefan, I have that 1959 end date for Kitten Kaye. Beroth advertised the strip in 1960 and 1961, evidently hoping to resurrect the strip.
I found "Kidoodles" by Leo White running in Lynn, MA Daily Item, where it ran on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They ran it from April 23, 1985 to July 20, 1985.

Leo White worked for the Item, so I'm guessing that's about as far as his self-syndication venture went, too. Advertising it as a daily for 6 years might have been more wish than reality. Thanks Charleas for finding it!
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