Friday, September 01, 2006


Obscurity of the Day: Louie The Lawyer

Before Martin Branner hit the jackpot with Winnie Winkle, he did this short run daily for the Bell Syndicate. Louie The Lawyer was a fun strip but seems to have never caught on with newspaper editors - I've been searching for samples of the strip for years before finally finding some in the Cleveland Press. Finding them in that of all papers is a headscratcher in itself, since the Press was the home paper of the NEA syndicate. Someone at the Press must have been a big supporter of Louie to put him in the paper, bumping one of their own NEA strips.

Louie The Lawyer ran from July 14 1919 until sometime in 1920 (anyone have an end date?). The character was later revived as the star of Looie Blooie, the long-running topper strip to the Winnie Winkle Sunday page.

Is it just me or do Branner's male heads remind you of Carl Barks' dog characters from the Donald Duck comic books?


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