Thursday, October 26, 2006


The Nut Brothers, Version 1.0

Yesterday's post on The Nut Brothers was apparently swallowed by Blogger, never to be seen. So you've missed out on the fascinating and informative essay that I slaved over. Today you get sloppy seconds. Boiled down, what we have here is the original daily version of The Nut Brothers, which later was revived as the perennial topper to Our Boarding House. Gene Ahern started this early version on 12/19/1921, then handed it off to Edgar Martin sometime in 1922. The two-panel Nut Brothers stacks ended 10/14/1922.

Holtz out!

Do you know anything about the Nut Brothers from the 50's. I came across 26 Sunday strips and have know idea how old the strips is or when it was created. thanks - Mr ilovecomix
The Sunday topper version of Nut Bros. ran 1931-65.

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