Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Herriman at the LA Times, Holtz at Washington

Tomorrow I am leaving for Washington, accompanying Jim Ivey to the AAEC (Association of American Editorial Cartoonists) convention. Jim was a founding member of the organization and has been invited (with some helpful lobbying of the AAEC by R.C. Harvey) to attend their 50th anniversary convention.

Don't know if I'll have a usable internet connection there, so posts may or may not stop for a few days. Arriving just in time to give me a little free time for packing, Alfredo Castelli sends some cartoons from George Herriman's stint at the LA Times, along with explanations of the goings-on therein. Thanks Alfredo, and take it away...

January 8 1906 (Herriman’s 1st cartoon for the LAT) Bourke Cochran was the Tammany (Democratic) congressman for NYC. Tammany was anti-Hearst since he launched his Municipal Ownership Party for the mayoral elections of NY in 1905, hence the vitriolic comment.

February 4 1906 – Tom McCarey was a boxing manager; Mike “Twin” Sullivan, Tomaso “Tommy” Ryan and “Kid” Hermann were boxers.

June 1 1906 – A “Mystery Airship” had been occasionally sighted over California since 1896; sightings of strange UFOs like the one in the cartoon (long and interesting story!) continued for many years.

August 13 1906 (Herriman’s last cartoon for LAT) – At the Republican caucus in Pasadena (August 12) the "Machine" representatives did not support Governor Pardee (who lost the election in favor of Gillett, see “Herriman Saturday” blog post of June 23) in spite of the backing of Jimmy Campbell, whom I don’t know (a “Dr G. W. Cambell” was also left at home at the convention, maybe he was known as “Jimmy”). The little fat man at the left closely resembles the mystery “Little Fat Person” of the June 23 blog post.

(UPGRADE BY ALFREDO): Jimmy Cambell (not “CampBell”) was Colonel James Cambell of Pasadena, a veteran of the Indian Wars and a strong Pardee sustainer (see photo at
http://mhmele.org/James%20H.%20Davidson/james_cambell.htm )
I understand that he was considered by some as a local nut for his militaresque manners. He ordered the Republicans at the caucus to form “as one man” a “solid phalanx” around the Pardee Banner, but they didn’t obey.
Congrats to Jim for getting the recognition and making the trip! Hopefully you will have a full report and pictures when you return!
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