Saturday, July 07, 2007


Herriman Saturday

Allan still in DC; posted by his mystery side-kick.


“WILL NOT SELL OUT TO THE YELLOW KID”. Again, three self explained cartoons on the master-servant relationship between Herrin and Gillett. All the characters have already been introduced excluding “Bell” (the “Trilby Bell” manouvered by the evil “Svengali” Herrin as in George Du Maurier’s novel).
“Bell” was Theodore A. Bell from Napa (see He was a Democrat but he was strongly anti-Hearst as the (democratic) publisher had created an independent current called “Independence League” (formerly the Municipal Ownership Party”, see blog posting of July, 3) which backed William H. Langdon, D. A. of San Francisco. The Los Angeles delegates declared that “they will not sell out to the Yellow Kid”; Bell (who, eventually, lost to Republican Pardee) was nominated by acclamation, and “Hearst was kicked down the party stairs”. This is the reason for which Hearst and Herriman put Bell as an accomplice of Gillett in the villains’ ranks.

STUFF TO LOSE SLEEP OVER. Just to torment Allan while he is frolicking in Washington DC with a mystery that can interest no more than three people in the world (maybe): on the June 24 2006 blog posting (Chicago Chronicle Comics – IV, “The Tweedledum Triplets”) Allan wondered about William F. Marriner’s unusual presence in a Chicago paper. Well, in the same year (1903) the series (or, at least, the installment “Tweedledum, Twedleedee and the other triplet”) was published by the “Evening Telegraph” of Philadelphia, where Marriner had worked for many papers, and where (I think) the strip was more logically originated. May there be some tie between the “Chicago Chronicle” and the “Philadelphia Evening Telegraph”? Or betweeen the “Chicago Chronicle” and the Philadelphia papers in general (remember the “Deacon Backslider” – “Binnacle Jim “cases)? This is stuff to lose sleep over, to paraphrase a NEA cartoon!
Alfredo (Your Man Saturday)
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