Tuesday, September 18, 2007


News of Yore: New TV-Based Strip Announced

KFS Offers "I Love Lucy" As Gag-a-Day Comic Strip
By Erwin Knoll, 1952

A gag-a-day comic strip based on the top-rating "I Love Lucy" television show is offered for De­cember 8 release by King Fea­tures Syndicate.

Though main characters in the strip—bandleader Ricky Ricardo, his flighty wife, Lucy, and, in a few months, a new baby—will be patterned after the television pro­gram, the strip will not adhere rigidly to the TV show pattern. Original subsidiary characters will be introduced, and the daily gag form will be used in place of the TV situation humor formula. Like the television program, however, the strip is designed to appeal to all age groups.

According to the CBS television network, the two-year old show is now carried on 64 stations-a "full network"-and has a higher Nielsen rating than any other program now broadcast. A full-scale merchandising campaign featuring adult products was launched recently.

Artist on the new strip is Bob Oksner, whose work has appeared in slick magazines and comic books and who once drew a news­paper strip called "Cairo Jones." Lawrence Nadel, who has written and edited comic books and has written for radio and television will be the author of the daily "I Love Lucy" strips.

The strip is available in four and five-column width, six re­leases weekly.


Okay, I'm curious.

If you have any samples of "I Love Lucy," I would be interested in seeing them on this blog.
Hi Scee-Bee -
I'll do a post with Lucy samples eventually for sure. Stay tuned...

I do have a comic book which reprinted the frist few months of the strips.

If you are interested, I can mail you some of those!

Let me know.
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