Tuesday, October 23, 2007


T.S. Sullivant Editorial Cartoons

Couple of months ago (okay, more like four) it came up in conversation with R.C. Harvey that he'd not had the pleasure of seeing T.S. Sullivant's editorial cartooning, and I promised to dig some up for his edification. Better late than never, here's a small sampling.

Sullivant, well known for his delightful animal caricatures, isn't remembered for his editorial work for Hearst, probably because he was sort of a flop in that role. The drawings, of course, are top-notch, but Sullivant apparently wasn't much interested in politics as most of them are on the tepid side.

So here, for Harv and anyone else who appreciates the mastery of Sullivant, are a few samples of his editorial cartoons from late 1907.

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