Saturday, November 24, 2007


Herriman Saturday

These cartoons ran on November 13-15 1906. On the 13th we have a caricature of an infamous bookmaker of the day, on the 14th an account of a night of boxing. On the 15th we have a cartoon about Count Boni de Castellane who was going through a sensational divorce at the time. Here's a site with lots of info on Boni.

The bottom two cartoons were in pretty bad shape; I had to do some pretty major surgery to get them reasonably presentable. Chalk up any bad drawing to me, not ol' Garge.


That exaggerated foreshortening in the first picture looks odd. Flagg's Uncle Sam was a World War 1 recruitment poster and thus a few years later. Anything photographic would have shown a much smaller hand. What would have been the standard for such a thing at this time? I really can't think of anything analogous off the top of my head.
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