Saturday, December 22, 2007


Herriman Saturday

Herriman Saturday rolls around once again, and our first entry is from November 24 1906. This cartoon illustrates a news story about some LA aristocrat type whose bulldog liked to bite people. Despite packing a court with his high muckety-muck friends the judge nevertheless sentences the dog to wear a muzzle.

Herriman then goes on vacation until December 1, with a Thanksgiving cartoon appearing on November 29th that he probably completed in advance. On December 1 Garge returns with a pair of cartoons, the first a portrait of one Judge Hamilton who, based on a little Googling, seems to have been in charge of the horse track at Ascot. The second, an editorial page cartoon, apparently heralds the entry of a rival gas company into the Los Angeles market. Good news for LA given the cartoon we printed last week.

Herriman fans be sure to check back in on Christmas Day if you have a moment -- a special treat will greet you.


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