Saturday, February 16, 2008


Herriman Saturday

The blog has been silent since Wednesday because that evening I spent several hours writing an erudite, perceptive and artful review (first time for everything, right?) of the reprint book Betsy and Me. I left final proofing for the next morning. I returned to the office and my computer was sitting at a login prompt. My review had disappeared into the ether. A little investigation revealed that sometime during the night Microsoft decided that it needed to download an update and reboot my machine to put it into effect, in process of which my review had been bid adieu. Thanks Microsoft -- you're swell! I've been pouting for the last two days.

Anyway, today is another Herriman Saturday, so I've been aroused from my torpor. Twasn't easy, I tell ya. Today we have Herriman observing Christmas day with a reminder that not everyone has a merry Xmas.

On the 26th we get a caricature of Walter Parker on the occasion of his announcement that he is quitting his puppeteer role in California politics. To no one's surprise his political string-pulling activities scarcely slow down.

Finally on the 27th we learn that boxer Jim Jeffries agrees to discount his asking price from $50k to $30k to face Australian champion Bill Squires in the squared circle. The telegram, which is no more legible in the original as it is here in this scan, reads "To B.F. Taylor, Athletic Club. Will meet Squires, April, thirty thousand purse. Write particulars. Jim Jeffries". The fight never came off, though. Perhaps Herriman will cover the circumstances in subsequent cartoons.


Sorry for your loss. Looking forward to your review of Jack's strip. It's my favorite gag-a-day. Thanks for the Herriman, too.
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