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1921: July

1- Looking for proof that Marvelous Mike, a 1956 United Feature strip by Bob Kuwahara, was chosen for syndication in some sort of national contest.

2- that Pat Oliphant made a public stink when Doonesbury won the Pulitzer in 1975.

Or are both of these events just conjured out of random neuron firings in my noggin?

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Hi Allan,

I hadn't heard about Oliphant criticizing when Doonesbury won the pulitzer (although I'm sure he probably did), but I've seen it mentioned many times that he criticized them when Berke Breathed won it... here's a quote from Breathed about it:

"In the world of hardcore editorial cartoons, there's a small, unpleasant fellow with a very little penis, the result of a sneeze during circumcision, named Pat Oliphant—himself a Pulitzer winner—who threatened a boycott when my prize was announced in 1987. Those were the days."

The quote is from this interview:

Hope that helps!

Steven Stwalley
OK, you have me curious with that Kuwahara "Marvelous Mike" strip. I know he did a strip called "Miki" for few years, but I've never heard of that one. Any samples (of both strips) to share?

Kuwahara was mostly in animation, specifically at Terrytoons, where he worked as an animator, and briefly a director. One of the characters he created was Hashimoto, about a Japanese mice family.
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Hi Allan,
On my site,, I'm currently reprinting "Marvelous Mike" from the first strip. Scans aren't the greatest, they are from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch microfilm, but it will do until someone does a really good reprint book of "Mike" someday. I also paid tribute to Al Scaduto.
I love your site, read it each day,
Regards, Mark Kausler
Regarding the Turtles - Jerry Bails' Who's Who site
says that Clarrain was writer 1990 - 1994, Brown did pencils 1990 - 1991, Lawson did pencils 1990 - 1992, and Berger did inks 1990 - 1992.

Other places have Michael Dooney and Steve Lavigne contributing to the strip, though I don't know what they did.

I have co-creators Eastman and Laird listed as co-editors, but they may have more to do with creator courtesy than reality.

I think after everyone listed above went elsewhere it was Dan Berger who continued the strip as writer/artist. His (occasionally signed) strips are the one being run on gocomics these days.

One last thing - my notes say that "Dean Clarrain" is a pseudonym used by TMNT editor/writer Steve Murphy, but I can't prove that.
Excuse the tangent. Withadmiration of your work, we have given you a bit of coverage here:
and thought we'd make you aware of it.

Let us know if you want to trade links. We'd be delighted.

Hi Mark -
I checked out your blog -- a marvelous assortment of oddball stuff! A couple corrections about Kuwahara -- Marvelous Mike was syndicated, not a strip done for the SLPD (you'll find runs of Marv Mike in the Washington Post and the Long Island Star-Journal ferinstance). Also, Miki was not an ethnic strip -- in fact its pretty much the SAME strip as Marvelous M, about a little kid.

Thanks much DD!

Hi Allan,
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I did not mean to imply that Marvelous Mike was a SLPD exclusive, it's the only run of the strip I have access to right now. Do you have any episodes of MIKI or BARKER BILL that you could post? I would love to see some of them. Thanks for all the Herriman Saturdays!
Hi Allan,
One more thing I forgot to ask you, do you have an end date for MARVELOUS MIKE? It's probably in 1957 or '58, but I'm not sure.
Thanks again, Mark
Hi Mark -
The end date I have for Marvelous Mike is 9/21/57 -- did it run longer in the SLPD?

Thanks for this end date! I am up to 9-14-57 in the Post so far, I will let you know what happens when I reach 9-21!
Hi Allan,
Just found out today that the last MARVELOUS MIKE strip that ran in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was 9-21-57, the ending date you gave me. Kuwahara wound up the whole storyline on that date, so he knew his strip was ending. Thanks for all your help.
Thanks Mark!
Jim Ivey sent me a copy of the article I was remembering where Marvelous Mike won a contest in order to become syndicated. I'll run it on the blog soon. Yippee, I'm not senile after all!

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