Saturday, September 27, 2008


Herriman Saturday

This Saturday we bid adieu to the Mayor Harper On Tour series. Unfortunately the final strip (4/26/07) doesn't measure up to the rest of this delightful series, this coda obviously dashed off in a hurry.

After a short rest Herriman was put to work in earnest on the next big event in Los Angeles, a Shriner fiesta bringing fez-topped conventioneers from the four corners of the country. The Shriner's convention would be anticipated and commemorated by a flurry of Herrriman cartoons that will probably take us several Saturdays to work through. Today we have the cartoons of April 29 and May 1. The latter begins yet another previously undocumented Herriman series -- Preparations For Fiesta will run a scant three episodes.


Shriner fiesta... Is that like the convention Laurel & Hardy snuck off to in 'Sons of the Desert'?
Hi Lyn -
Yes, exactly so! They all came to LA for some well-regulated drinking and carousing.

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