Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Last of the Opper Overflow

Have I mentioned that NBM's latest entry in their Forever Nuts series of classic comic strip reprints is Happy Hooligan by Fred Opper? I provided a biographical essay on Opper for the book as well as a number of raw scans of Opper material. You can purchase your copy at Amazon.com.

I supplied a great many Opper cartoons that didn't find their way into the book, so here's the final batch of bonus Opper items for you.

Up top we have a suffrage cartoon from 1912 starring one of the less used members of Opper's repertory company, King Solomon.

Next are a pair of Puck full-page strips showing just how differently Opper approached his work when working for that magazine. Both are from the early 1890s.

Next we have an editorial cartoon about prohibition from late in Opper's career, 1929.

And finally a 1906 Monopoly Lodge editorial cartoon from Teddy Roosevelt's trust-busting days. It's not hard to imagine what T.R. would have to say about our current financial crisis which owes most of it's woes on our government's welcoming attitude to giant rapacious corporations. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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