Wednesday, November 12, 2008


New Happy Hooligan Book Just Published

NBM's latest entry in their Forever Nuts series of classic comic strip reprints is Happy Hooligan by Fred Opper. I provided a biographical essay on Opper for the book as well as a number of raw scans of Opper material. You can purchase your copy at

I supplied a great many Opper cartoons that didn't find their way into the book, so here's a potpourri of bonus Opper items for you. At the top we have a Happy Hooligan page from near the end of Opper's career, 1931. Although many say that he was well past his prime and the art was no longer any good, I've always liked Opper's later work as a study in expressive minimalism.

Next we have an experimental strip from 1906 called The Red Rig-aJigs. This short-lived feature starred a cast of gremlins delineated only by a ghostly red tint.

Finally we have a 1905 And Her Name Was Maud strip, Opper's second most famous feature after Happy Hooligan, and a 1910 Howson Lott strip, a comedy about a city fellow who moves to the country.

Thanks for the fun scans, Allan. The Red Rig-A-Jigs one is fantastic. For anyone interested in seeing more Opper online, there is a lot more posted on my site here:
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