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But I Digress...

Your head is probably pounding this morning from too much New Year's Eve merriment, so we'll keep it very light today.

"Pretentious, Moi?"
Jim Ivey is a big fan of New Yorker magazine and tries to get me to read it. I've always thought it was more than a tad pretentious and avoided it, but he convinced me to give it another try. Okay, so there were some good articles in the issue he loaned me. But I've been chuckling for two days now over this tidbit in a restaurant review

".. but the accompanying Swiss chard was tiresomely vegetal."

Figure the steak was ludicrously meaty? And the wine, I bet that was tediously liquid. No, no, not pretentious at all.

The First Katzies Strip
A correspondent writes asking if the first strip of The Katzenjammer Kids (December 12 1897) has been reprinted. I could have sworn I'd seen it somewhere but I came up empty when I checked the most likely suspects in my library. Anyone recall where it was reprinted?

Stripper's Guide Book Looking for Publisher
As I promised way back at the beginning of 2008, I have in fact created a book proposal for the Stripper's Guide indexing project. It is now making the rounds of likely publishers. I've gotten one definite "no" so far and I'm waiting to hear from the next in line. If you are a book publisher who would like to review the proposal, or know of a publisher likely to be interested in publishing the definitive guide to U.S. newspaper comic strip and cartoon panels, please let me know.

Gotta Support the Blog, Dude
You may have noticed that along the sidebar on the left I've added a link to with a list of the books I've reviewed here on the Stripper's Guide blog. If you click through from here to purchase these books I get a token referral payment from Amazon and you pay nothing extra for the books. Do the blog a favor and use the click-through!

Defenders of the Masters
I doubt many of you bother to go back and re-read old Stripper's Guide blog posts to see what sort of comments have accrued, but there have been some interesting discussions that didn't get rolling sometimes until weeks, months or years had passed. One of the oddest has been on my post about a certain 1980s toy adapted to comic strips. Check out the comments at the end of this post.

Happy New Year, Allan!---Wasn't the first KATZENJAMMER KIDS reproduced in "Stripscene" back in the 70's?----------As far as the "HE-MAN" business goes, there can never be anything so awful that there isn't someone out there that really digs it. There comes to mind a guy that was obsessed with those we-need-100-by Thursday 1960 TV Popeye cartoons.----Cole.
I very much appreciate what you're doing; it's SO necessary. I also collct comic books, but I would gladly give up my collection of 30,000 to complete my run of Gordo.
I received for XMas a copy of The Comics The Complete Story by Brian Walker, originally published as two volumes in 2002 and 2004. Your opinion?

Cole -- good memory! I found it in issue #22. Hope that fella who was looking for it is still tuned in.

Brett -- I generally liked Walker's books, though there were regrettable errors (this is becoming quite a tradition in strip histories). I felt that the Before 1945 book was the superior book of the two. The After '45 book relies much too heavily on material cribbed from E&P as opposed to what I was hoping for -- since Walker is an industry insider I wished he had taken greater advantage of his position to talk directly to the living creators and get their real stories, not the marketing flack baloney that gets written for E&P.

I would like to ID a strip I read as a kid Late 40's to early 50's that was old then - probably the Des Moines Register (Iowa) -20's thru 40's or older - About the antics of a preschooler that often wore a playsuit with a hood and button up fly on rear - in color - not much else Thanks
Hi rbtsheottiwa -
I checked my inventory of Des Moines Register and they didn't seem to run many Sunday comics featuring kids -- here's a list of strips that included featured kid characters:

The Nebbs
Katzenjammer Kids
Toonerville Folks
S'Matter Pop

Maybe something will pop out at you there. The description you give doesn't ring any bells for me.

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