Saturday, January 31, 2009


Herriman Saturday

Friday, June 21 1907 -- The Naud Junction Pavilion in L.A. was a popular venue for professional boxing matches in the second half of the oughts. This Herriman cartoon chronicles an open call for wanna-be boxers, attracting all sorts who are convinced they are the next big thing in West Coast pugilism. With the Pavilion staging such frequent boxing matches there was a constant need for 'down-card' fighters, so these auditions were a regular event. Youngsters fresh from the farm or factory would get a chance to go a few rounds against local pros while the promoter looked on. Many found themselves kissing the canvas before they knew what (literally) hit them, others showed enough promise to be invited to train at the facility.

Here's a contemporary picture of the Naud Junction Pavilion in all its windowless, dreary glory.


Boxing Idols?
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