Tuesday, March 10, 2009


News of Yore 1949: Elmo Gets A Pink Slip

Debbie Replaces Elmo

(E&P, 1/15/49)

Cecil Jensen, more than 20 years an editorial cartoonist, finds himself with a different strip to do than the one he originally planned in Oct. 1946 for the Register & Tribune Syndicate.

"Elmo," the strip he has been drawing, features a saucy little girl character that has stolen the lead part.

The strip will be released by R&T on Jan. 30 as "Debbie." Elmo and his love affairs move into the dim background. The strip is currently running as "Elmo & Debbie," but will get a complete face-lifting when Debbie takes over.

Jensen operates from a studio in the Chicago Daily News, for whom he did editorial cartoons since 1928 before beginning the comic strip. Publisher John Knight of the News was persuaded to let him go to comic strip creation only on the promise that he would continue with one editorial cartoon, weekly.


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