Saturday, May 09, 2009


Herriman Saturday

Sunday, August 4 1907 -- The Angels have been on an extended road trip to north California. Seems when the Pacific Coast League schedule was being decided on that the teams up in that part of the state had complained that attendance was off last year, and they feared that without an extra measure of home games this year they would be in serious trouble. Angels manager Hen Berry took it upon himself to offer up the team for more than the usual measure of away games.
Sunday, August 4 1907 -- Probably the biggest story of the year was the Standard Oil anti-trust lawsuit. The company was fined 29 million dollars, the largest fine ever levied by a U.S. court. Now that Herriman was concentrating for the time being on sports cartoons this small drawing was his only contribution to the extensive coverage given the story.

Monday, August 5 1907 -- Joe Gans has begun his training regimen for the upcoming fight (which will never actually come off). His camp is beseiged by fans as he does some sparring. One of his opponents, Kid Dalton, forgets to bring his boxing tights and enters the ring wearing rolled up trousers.


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