Monday, July 27, 2009


The Stripper's Guide Super-Quiz Day 1

1. It's a pretty rare thing for two comic strips to get combined into one. Laredo and Jane is one of those weird cases though. What two strips were combined to make this 'Frankenstein strip'?

2. One of the most famous animators in the world, Chuck Jones, took a swing at doing a comic strip feature in 1978. It failed miserably. What was the title?

3. Ohio State University's Cartoon Research Library received the huge collection of which well-known comics researcher and writer? The collection was so huge they usually speak of the volume of it by what measurement?

4. Dick Turner turned out the panel feature Carnival for over 40 years. But he didn't originate it. Which cartoonist did?

5. One comic strip tried to get us all to learn a little Spanish while reading the funnies. The Sunday version of the feature included a panel called "Painless Spanish". What was the name of the main feature?


1-Laredo Crockett + Jane Arden
3-Bill Blackbeard
4-George Clark
5-Little Pedro

(and best wishes for the Guide)
Accidenti a te, Fortunato! Mi sono collegato tardi e mi hai battuto sul tempo, e comunque non avrei saputo "George Clark"! in ogni caso la palma spetta a un italiano!

Concerning the Blackbeard answer - I surely read somewhere that his collection filled I don't know how many ** trucks.**

Ciao - Best
According to Nicholson Baker, that was six tractor-trailer trucks when the Blackbeard Collection was delivered to the Cartoon Research Library, now known as the Cartoon Library & Museum. Baker's book Double Fold opens with some interesting pages about Blackbeard and his collection. Here's a Steven Heller interview with Baker.
Aspetterei sabato per i complimenti (magari ho sbagliato...)

If I'm not wrong, Clark started CARNIVAL, THE NEIGHBORS and SIDE GLANCES (3 near identical panels)
Little Pedr was a silent strip, wasn't it? You must hve been thinking about the Hofzinger strip, but what was it called?
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