Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Stripper's Guide Super-Quiz Day 3

1. Can you pair up the strip stars with their girlfriends? Give me the fellas who pursued (or were pursued) by Ooola, the fair Belinda, Lillums, and Echo.

2. We all know about the ubiquitous NEA syndicate. But wht does N.E.A. stand for?

3. William Randolph Hearst didn't generally like to run material from other syndicates in his newspapers. But for what Bell Syndicate strip did he have such a soft spot that he not only allowed it to run in many of his papers, he demanded it?

4. Famed comic book man Stan Lee was involved with quite a few comic strips over the years. Not many of them set the newspaper world on fire, but one that ran only in 1976 was by far his least successful outing. What was the title of the feature, and what unusual (at least in this country) comics style did it employ?

5. Here's a real toughie. What Chicago cartoonist of the 1910s died when he slipped off a high-rise window ledge? Here's a hint -- his death helped further the cartooning career of E.C. Segar, who took over his strip. For mega-bonus points, what other soon to be famous cartoonist filled in on the strip in between our victim and Segar.


Well, I know at least a few of these.

1) Ooola = Alley Oop, Belinda = Hairbreadth Harry, Lillums = Harold Teen, Echo = ???
2) NEA = Newspaper Enterprise Association
3) Blank
4)Stan Lee = The Virtue of Vera Valient.
5) A.C. Carothers? Blank
This is really hard, but lets try again:

1-Ooola / Alley Oop
Belinda Blinks / Hairbreath Harry Hollyngsworth
Lillums / Harold Teen
Echo / (non ne ho idea!)

2-Newspaper Enterprise Association


4-SAYS WHO (photo-comic strip)

5-Carothers (Frank Willard)
Echo - Tumbleweeds

Just about the only one I got!
One of the interesting things about NEA was that it also syndicated editorial cartoons, and in fact, NEA had a Pulitzer winner, none other than "Herblock," who writes about the troubles he had with (Scripps-Howard owned) NEA when he worked for them from the early 30s to the WWII era.
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