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Questions, Always Questions

In my mad dash to tie up loose ends for the publication of the Stripper's Guide Index, there's one item that steadfastly refuses to be dealt with. The comic strip Condorito, a Spanish-language comic strip, which has apparently been popular in Latin America for many years, now appears in some U.S. Spanish-language papers. That means it qualifies for Stripper's Guide listing, but I can find very little information about the strip. Can anyone tell me about the history of it, when it started, creators, etc.?

Betty Boop in 1937
A new book project is in the talking stage and the editor is looking for some help. We know from the King Features Microfilm Catalog, assuming it's correct, that the Sunday strip ran until November 28 1937. But the New York Mirror, one of very few papers that ran it seems to have dropped the feature at the end of 1936. Previous reprint projects haven't printed anything past November 1936. I don't have a single example from 1937 in my own collection, so I'm no help. Does anyone know the names of any papers that ran the strip in 1937, or even better yet, have a 1937 run in their own collection?

The editor is also looking for a few other strips that are proving elusive. Does anyone have the ones for 9/8/35, 2/23/36, 3/22/36, 8/9/36, 9/27/36, 10/11/36, 10/25/36, 11/8/36, 12/6/36, 12/13/36, 12/20/36?

Katzies Locale?
A German researcher asks me a question regarding an E&P article that I reprinted here on the blog. His question is:

The article says that the Dirks strip was located on the Squee-Jee Islands. Wasn't that the Knerr strip? I guess Dirks strip was located on Cannibal Islands. Do you know anything about that?
I could probably dig up some samples to determine where the duelling Katzie strips were set in 1950, the date of the article, but it would be a big operation and I know there's a few Katzie-philes out there who probably know the answer. Can you give him some help?

1905 New York World on CD?
A few years back a fellow named Jonathan Barli was offering a whole year of New York World Sunday sections on CD. Of course I wanted one and went ahead and placed an order on his website. Or at least I sure thought I did. The transaction slipped my mind for so long that now it's impossible for me to find any evidence that I completed the transaction. I was reminded of it, though, when I stumbled upon his website again the other day. Has anyone ordered from him and received the CD? If so, what did you think of it? I'm very tempted to try ordering again, but I'd like some assurance that you really do get what you pay for from that website.
[EDIT: I placed a new order and received the Cds. I'll review it shortly (it'll be positive)]

Hello, Allan----BETTY BOOP can still be found in the Sunday MIAMI HERALD in 1937.------ I know that Knerr stopped the KATZENJAMMER KIDS' world travels in 1934, and made their permanent home with the friendly cannibals of the "Squee-Jee" islands. I see by the early 90's that the black natives have been replaced with South American-style blowgun Indians, and a caricature of a tin-pot latin general. Not sure if the KK crew have moved, or some kind of politically correct racial miracle happened on ol' Squee-Jee. ----Cole Johnson.
Regarding Cordorito:

"Condorito is a comic strip started in Chile in 1949 and spread to the rest of Latin American in the years following. The author was the cartoonist Pepo.

... International rights were acquired in 1976 by Editors Press Service, a subsidiary of the Evening Post Publishing Company."
Cole --
Thanks for the pointer on Betty Boop. That info isn't in my Miami Herald notes, leading me to think they perhaps didn't microfilm the Sunday sections. Grumble, grumble...

V -
I'm Spanish impaired, so maybe you could clear up some stuff. I see start dates varying from 1943-49 on Condorito depending on the website, and I get the impression it might have been a feature in humor magazines or something well before it became a daily comic strip. Can you shed any light on when the newspaper strip began?

And Pepo died in the 90s, so do any of these sources tell who's doing it now? Current strips seem to still be signed 'Pepo'.

I ordered a number of CDs from Digital Funnies, the 1905 World among them, and never had a problem. I do not know whether they are still active, as I haven't seen anything new for some time.

I believe Cole means the MIAMI DAILY NEWS, the now defunct (1988)tabloid paper.
Marco --
Thanks. I'm going to try ordering again. This time I'll keep a note to remind me!

Mark -
Thanks. The Miami Daily News is a pretty obscure paper, I checked WorldCat and they don't list anyone with microfilm for 1937. Does KFS have proofs/tearsheets/microfilm for the 1937 Sundays?
Many years ago, I bought tear sheets from the Miami Daily News, and amongst them were the November 1937 Betty Boop pages.
The MDN section was a tab, with Dick Tracy on the front cover and Terry on the back, as if they were modeling themselves after the New York Sunday News.
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