Saturday, February 13, 2010


Herriman Saturday

Sunday, October 20 1907 -- St. Vincent's College of Los Angeles (now Loyola Marymount University) upsets the University of Denver as college football season gets underway.

Sunday, October 20 1907 --With just two weeks left to go in the Pacific Coast League season, the Angels have an almost insurmountable lead and are cruising in to a first place finish. The team has a long list of walking wounded, but manager Hen Berry has shepherded them through and is already busily accepting accolades as the de facto champion.


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy "Herriman Saturdays"?

Yeah, I probably have, but I'll say it again!
Thanks Jeff; this is the hardest type of post for me to produce (the photocopies need a LOT of touch-up) and it's good positive reinforcement to know that folks are interested in the results.

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