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News of Yore 1929: A Miscellany of Short Items

Artist Signs with Western Syndicate
(E&P 10/19/29)
H.V. Heide, an artist formerly employed by the Vanderbilt newspapers in California, is a new member of the art department of the Seattle Star. He serves the Star and Western Features, a feature service organized by the Scripps-Canfield newspapers. Mr. Heide will divide the work with Sam Groff, formerly a police reporter for the Star, who is devoting his time largely to comic line work for the Star and Western Features.

Ripley Feature Expanded
(E&P 9/21/29)
A full black and white page of Robert Ripley's "Believe It or Not" feature will be released by King Features Syndicate October 20 for Sunday papers. This page supplements the regular daily feature.

Syndicate Bushmiller Color Page
(E&P 9/14/29)
A colored comic page by Ernie Bushmiller, comic artist for the New York Evening World, titled "Fritzi Ritz," will make its appearance October 6. The page will be syndicated by the New York World Syndicate.

Hill Writes Talkie
(E&P 9/14/29)
Thomas Hill, formerly staff artist for the Cleveland News and Cleveland Plain Dealer and for seven years art director of the Central Press Syndicate, is the author of a talkie, "Black and White Clown," a 'behind the scenes' story of the life of a newspaper artist. The play will go into production shortly.
[Anyone know if this was ever released?]

To Issue Comic in Colors
(E&P 8/3/29)
A new weekly color page of "Tailspin Tommy," daily comic strip handled by Bell Syndicate, Inc., is being prepared for distribution starting October 6.


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