Saturday, May 22, 2010


Herriman Saturday

Tuesday, November 12 1907 -- Angels manager Hen Berry returns from another trip east, this time hauling in a few good prospects for next season.

The really interesting part of this cartoon, though, is the gentleman shaking Berry's hand in the middle vignette. Am I crazy or is this fellow the very image of another character who will be making his debut a mere three days hence up the coast a bit in Frisco?

Thursday, November 14 1907 -- A sports fan writes to the Examiner asking whether one of his heroes would make a good President. Herriman himself takes the question to boxing legend James Jeffries who expounds on the wisdom of that fan. Jeffries feels that the qualities that make for a star in sports are also appropriate for the Commander in Chief. I'm sure Jesse Ventura would heartily agree.


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